Blog update: “Last day(/___;_)”

Maimi takes her casual dinner show on the road to Osaka in her December 7th update “Last day(/___;_)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The weather in Osaka is really nice(o^^o)


Today is the third day of the Yajima Maimi casual dinner show “Message”

Yesterday was the final day of performances in Tokyo

There are some songs that are different between the Tokyo and Osaka performances,

so there were songs I performed for the last time yesterday

It’s kind of sad…
I’m performing with a live band at this dinner show,

and when I think “Is this the last time I’ll perform this song with these band members“,

I feel sad…

In that same sense,
today’s performance in Osaka is the last of this set of casual dinner shows,

so this is the last day I’ll be able to perform with these band members

I want to enjoy it with all my might so that I have no regrets


After the performance started yesterday,
before I knew it I was thinking

“Eh? We’re already in the second half of songs? Huh? Did I skip a song?“…(^◇^;)

Time flies when you’re having fun(´・_・`)

As I was singing yesterday,
I reflected on the lyrics,

and over and over again I thought

“I’m happy
“Thank you…“…

I’m really happy being able to share my feelings in front of everyone like this

I hope my message reached everyone…

There were handshake and 2-shot events after the performance,

and people said a lot of nice things to me,

like “I understood your message

and “I’ll never forget today“,

so I was really, really happy

Everyone who participated,
everyone who couldn’t but still cheered for me, thank you so very much

I travelled to Osaka after yesterday’s performance, and I was shocked at how cold it was when I went outside!(◎_◎;)

My teeth were clattering(O_O)

I drew a bath as soon as I reached the hotel, and I used bath salt that I brought from home

It was cherry and plum bath salt,

and the really beautiful color made me happy,

the really nice smell made me even happier,

and the way my body was warmed completely the instant I got in made me really happy

By the way,
my room number was 1111, so since it was all matching numbers, I thought “Lucky( ´ ▽ ` )”

It’ll be nice if a lot of nice things happen today too


Let’s have a wonderful day


Well then, until tomorrow’s update

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