Blog update: “Soon!!(// ~//)”

Maimi gets nervous for her casual dinner show as draws near in her November 3rd update “Soon(// ~//)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

My casual dinner show is the day after tomorrow(//~//)

My heart is pounding “Ba-dum, ba-dum, ba-dum…”

As expected, I’m nervousσ(^_^;)

Same as the last dinner show,
I made an original cocktail

Last time the drink was made with one of my favorite things, cherries,

and this time it’ll be made with something I love as well

I hope everyone says “Delicious“…

It’s okay if you don’t drink alcohol though

There’s also cocktails without alcohol♪( ´θ`)ノ

And then,
after yesterday’s rehearsal, I had an outfit fitting


I told the designer “I’d like to try wearing something like this“,
and they prepared some really wonderful outfits for me


There were 2 outfits, and they were both really amazing, so I was torn…ヽ(´o`;


Seeing that I couldn’t decide,

the designer said “Well, should I try to combine the 2?“…(T_T)


I feel bad but I’m also happy…(/ _ ; )

The designer is really amazing(T_T)

In order to combine them,
the designer cut up the beautiful outfits right then and there( ゜д゜)


Thank you so much

I’ll be able appear on the days of the dinner show wearing that luxurious outfit

So I can’t wait

And then, afterwards they showed me the completed dinner show goods~

There’s a business card case,

which was made because I thought “I want to make something that can be used at work~“(*^^*)


It has a message engraved on the inside( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

And then,

a pen case that can be used by both workers and students(^o^)


There’s a variety of other things,
and one of them is a letter set,

which ties into the dinner show’s title “Message”(・ω・)

I designed the envelopes and pages myself,

so I hope you’ll use them to send letters to a variety of people(^o^)/*


Ah Yajima will be waiting for letters too…(≧∇≦)lol


Now then, now then,
I will go to rehearsal starting now


Today is the opening day of Hata-gumi’s play
“Kuru Kuru to Shi to Shitto”
at Higashi Ikebukuro Owl Spot

I’m happy that a lot of people will see the play from today…

I will appear at the after show after the 7:00PM performance(*^^*)

I’m a little nervous

I hope today will be a wonderful day(^o^)

Well then, until tomorrow’s update


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