Blog update: “I comprehended”

Maimi wraps up the NaruChika tour in Tokushima in her December 1st update “I comprehended“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday was the finale of the “NaruChika 2014 ℃-ute” tour

The last stop of the tour was ℃-ute’s first performance in Tokushima


We were so close to everyone at the venue in Tokushima that it made me feel a little shy (lol)

I made eye contact with a lot of people one-by-one,
so I was reaaaaaally happy

I was able to learn a variety of interesting things about Tokushima,

like “If you don’t flag down the bus while at the bus stop, it won’t stop for you!”,

and “Strong feelings are put into the Awa Odori Festival!”(o^^o)

During the last song, “JUMP!”, everyone in the venue put their arms on each other’s shoulders and sang along with ℃-ute,

and I could feel the warmth of team ℃-ute watching those participating for the first time doing that with everyone as well

The weather was nice in the morning, so I thought “It’s perfect weather for a concert(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))”,

but as expected, it rained during the final performance…ヽ(´o`;

I was surprised to find it was raining heavily afterwardsΣ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

I’m grateful to everyone who came in the rain(>人<;)


We ate Tokushima ramen on the plane home


It was really delicious

Even though I ate all of it, it was so delicious I could’ve eaten more(≧∇≦)

So I bought some as gifts for my family(o^^o)

In addition, they were selling sanuki udon for doggies called “dog noodles”, so I bought some(*^^*)

I was able to make some reaaaaally fun memories in Tokushima too

This year’s NaruChika tour is now finished,

and we were able to go to 21 different prefectures this year alone

I was able to meet a lot of people

It really drives home that there’s a lot of people that we don’t normally get the chance to meet,

and I’m filled with gratitude to everyone who continues to support us under those circumstances,

and I think there were also people who participated thinking “I don’t know a lot about ℃-ute, but since they’re having a concert here, should I go??”

I hope after seeing our concert, those people think

“I don’t usually get a chance to go to Kantou, but I want to go to next year’s concert at Yokohama Arena on June 11th

Actually, at the handshake events after the concerts,
there were a lot of people who said “I’ll go to the concert at Yokohama Arena“,

and that made me really, really happy

If as many members of team ℃-ute as possible come to Yokohama Arena from all over the country…

Will they meet other members of team ℃-ute they haven’t yet??

I become moved when I think of things like that…

There’s still a lot of places we haven’t been able to go, so I hope that we can still do things like this where we can go to where everyone lives

Please be sure to wait for us

And then,
I’ve been secretly making puns in the blog titles on the day of NaruChika concerts, and today is the last~

Did everyone notice them?

Reading the comments,
there were people who noticed,

and people who said “I don’t understand the title(^◇^;)”…σ(^_^;)

Those who didn’t understand,
please look at today’s title carefully

Everyone who participated in this tour,
everyone who couldn’t but still supported us, thank you so very much

Alright, December starts today
It’s the last month of the year( ゜д゜)

I’ll do my best today with the power I got from everyone(o^^o)

Everyone, have a wonderful day…

Today is Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin-chan’s 16th birthday

Happy birthday, Karin-chan

Karin-chan looks slender,
so it makes you want to protect her,

but I get the impression that she gives her all to whatever she does and is a girl with a strong belief in herself…

Her strength doesn’t diminish because of those around her…

Karin-chan gives her all and is a hard worker, and amazing power comes from that slender body(*^^*)

…It’s really charming

I hope Karin-chan never changes

Please have another year full of happiness

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  1. In Japanese, the titled reads “Nattokushimashita”

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