Blog update: “Michishige-san, thank you”

Maimi bids farewell to a legend in her November 27th update “Michishige-sanThank you“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi


Morning Musume。’14’s Michishige Sayumi-san has graduated from Hello! Project.

Michishige-san was really beautiful her last time standing on stage.

It’s been about 12 years since she joined Morning Musume。 as part of the 6th generation,

and she’s spent about half of her life as part of that group.

I really think that she’s experienced a lot in that time.


From the audience in Yokohama Arena,
Michishige-san’s final performance was burned into my memory,

and I was filled with a variety of emotion as I gazed at both the stage and audience,

so my field of vision was nearly completely clouded with tears during the concert…

Of all times to do it, I left my bag in the dressing room, so I had no handkerchief to wipe away my tears…_| ̄|○

The light of the pink glowsticks was blurred, so I felt as if was being absorbed while in a daze.

I remember the audition of Michishige-san and the other Morning Musume。 6th generation members clearly,

and how it made a big impact on everyone when she was selected.

Since then,
we’ve been active in Hello! Project together,

and we’ve seen a variety of sights together.

Yesterday’s venue, Yokohama Arena, was a stage we stood on often for Hello! Project concerts back then…

I was moved when Michishige-san said that she never forgot that sight,
and that she aaaalways wanted to show it to the members of Morning Musume。’14…

And I could feel her love as she said

“I want everyone to see things that I haven’t been able to see…

At that time, I will be part of that beautiful sight…”

I watched while thinking

“After Tanaka Reina-san graduated,
the burden and pressure Michishige-san faced without any members of the same generation or any elder members must’ve been huge…

But Michishige-san was up to the task, as expected

I felt her abundance of affection for each of the members,

and how the members love and look up to her.

Michishige-san injured her leg during the performance,

but when that happened,
all of the other members helped her like “Let’s take on Michishige-san’s burden!”
and “We’ve got to support her!”,
and seeing that made me cry.

“They really love her” I thought, and I was able to see how reliable everyone was

With an injured leg, Michishige-san finished her life in Hello! Project with all her might…

She was cool, strong, and sparkled to the very end.

Michishige-san gave me a present before the performance


A thank you message was included with it.

She went around to each and every dressing room,
and delivered them to the staff as well,

and I had no idea she would give me something as well.

I’ve really respected her as a person too!

The attitude with which to tackle a job,
never forgetting gratitude to those around me…

I’ve learned a lot from Michishige-san

It’s a new Morning Musume。’14 with the new leader Fukumura Mizuki-chan,
and sub-leaders Iikubo Haruna-chan and Ikuta Erina-chan…

Seeing yesterday how everyone has grown to become reliable and returned Michishige-san’s love,

I think she probably thought “I’m sure the future of Morning Musume。 is going to be fine” and was able to graduate without worry.

I hope that every day after graduation is filled with happiness for Michishige-san too…

Thank you so very much for everything you’ve done.


And then, from me to everyone…

Now that Michishige-san has graduated,
Yajima Maimi has officially become the leader of Hello! Project.

I went up on stage with Morning Musume。’s and Hello! Project’s original leader Nakazawa Yuko-san,
and a member from the same generation as Michishige-san, Tanaka-san!


Before the performance, Nakazawa-san said something to me with a kind face…

“Please take care of Hello! Project

Those words carried weight, warmth, and a deeper meaning,

and I felt as if I was going to cry.

Hello! Project has been protected by its leaders up to now.

Hello! Project is loved and supported by a lot of people.

I want to properly protect Hello! Project too!

I want to combine my power with everyone and make Hello! Project even bigger

I will serve in this role with all my might

Please continue to support Hello! Project

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