Blog update: “It’s come!! Budokan”

Maimi shares her excitement the morning of ℃-ute’s latest Budokan performance in her November 11th update “It’s come Budokan“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

This day has finally arrived(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Today is the Nippon Budokan performance of ℃-ute’s Monster tour(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

Even though it’s part of the Monster tour,
it’s a special concert,
so there are changes from the prior performances on this tour(o^^o)

Because we packed in so many things that we want to do,
when we tried timing it,
it was longer than usual concerts(^◇^;)

But but, that means we can spend more time with everyone

Yeah I’m happy(≧∇≦)

Even though today is a weekday,
there have been a lot of people who said things like “I’m taking the day off~“,
“I’ll be leaving early to come~“,
and “I’ll be rushing over after work“,

and it seems there’s also people coming from far to participate,

so I’m really grateful。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Team ℃-ute will be gathering from a variety of places~

Of course, I think there are people who can’t participate because of circumstances

A lot of you have left comments saying
“I’ll send my support to Budokan“,

and I think there’s also people who are cheering for us in their hearts,

so Budokan will be packed with feeling(o^^o)

Last night I received some happy news from my elementary school teacher who I invited to the Omiya performance of this tour

Back then, she came with one of her daughters,

but her younger daughter couldn’t come because it was exams season,

and she told me that she really regretted it!

And then,
my teacher contacted me to tell me “I’ll be going to tomorrow’s performance at Budokan with my younger daughter(o^^o)”, and it seems they got the tickets themselves。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

I was so surprised and happy(T ^ T)

When she came the time before with her older daughter,

it seems that the daughter was trying hard to teach her when to use the glowstick like

“Now it’s red!”,
and “Now it’s blue!”

My close friend from elementary school and my mom were also in the audience and saw that,

and then, my co-stars from the play “Ran” came to the Omiya performance as well,

and it seems they recognized her from when she came to see the play,

as they told me “Your teacher was waving glowsticks with all her might and really smiling(o^^o)”

I’m really happy that she cheers for me with her daughters

She told me “I’ll cheer for you while waving glowsticks this time(o^^o)”


It’s thanks to the support of a lot of people that we will be standing on stage at Budokan!

I want to send my feelings of gratitude to everyone

I want to send them all the way to the people far, far away( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I’ll enjoy today with all my might

Well then, I’m off(^_^)v

Until tomorrow’s update~(*^^*)

Today, November 11th,
is also Tanaka Reina-san’s birthday

I met her for the first time in awhile during a radio job the other day

I love Tanaka-san’s atmosphere when she’s listening to someone tell a story!

She listens attentively while going
“Right Right“…

Even if a story doesn’t have a punchline,
she will find one without faillol

If there is a girl who isn’t talking, she will coax coversation out of her~(o^^o)

And then, it’s cool how no matter what happens, she remains calm and doesn’t get flustered~

There were a lot of times during the radio recording the other day that made me think that(^o^)


Tanaka-san, please have a wonderful year

Once again, happy birthday

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