Blog update: “Yesterday and today…”

Maimi travels to one of her favorite places and enjoys the food, festivities, and fans in her November 4th update “Yesterday and today…“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Here it’s clear autumn weather

Yesterday, we had a NaruChika concert in Kyoto,
which I love

I went to Kyoto with my close friend during summer break this year♪( ´θ`)ノ
When we arrived at the station, it brought back a variety of memories, and I became nostalgic~(≧∇≦)

And then,
I remembered getting lost with everyone on a field trip(^^;;

They gave each group a cellphone with GPS so they could see the route we took, and they gave us a map with the path we followed in red to commemorate it,

and I remember our map being something terrifying…(^^;;

It’s nostalgic…

At night, everyone went to watched a kougen performance~

From there I fell in love with Kyoto,
and I went there on a trip with my mom and Nakajima Saki-chan,

when we had a handshake event in Kyoto, I wandered around Arashiyama until it was time for the event,

and a little earlier, I enjoyed Kyoto with Nacky and Hagiwara Mai-chan(*^^*)

When I think of it like that, I’ve gone there plenty of times


Now then, now then, we had a NaruChika concert in Kyoto,

and there were platforms in yesterday’s venue too, so I was able to see everyone clearly~

The dialect I heard from the audience was cute~(o^^o)

They welcomed us with “Okoshiyasu~“( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

During the handshake event,
there were people who said “It’s my first time participating

and “I became a fan just a few months ago“, so I was really happy

And then,
in the dressing room we had something similar to okonomiyaki from Issen Yoshoku(o^^o)


It was reaaaally delicious, and all of the members were addicted

This morning on TV,
by chance I caught the Kyoto gourmet ranking, as recommended by the locals( ゜д゜)

Issen Yoshoku was mentioned,

and I got excited thinking
“It’s almost real-time~~
I ate it just yesterday(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))”

It had minced konjac and egg yolk in it

When I split open the okonomiyaki and ate it,
it was really, really delicious, so I recommend it to everyone~~

But I ate too much just before the concert, so it was really painful(^_^;)lol

And then, Kyoto is famous for its confections, and we were given warabi-mochi as treats

I love warabi-mochi

It’s jellylike texture is the best(≧∇≦)

Both the food and concert made it a satisfying day(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Everyone who participated,
everyone who cheered for us,

thank you very much


And then,
last night I appeared on episode 3 of the Nagoya TV drama
“Naze Toudouin Seiya 16-sai wa Kanojo ga dekinai no ka?”

I think there’s people who are in regions where it didn’t air,

so I’ll show a full body photo of me wearing a school uniform,
which is rare now that I’m 22-years-old~


Even though I also wore a blazer, I forgot to take a picture with the blazer on_| ̄|○

My role was that of a high schooler named Hayashi Yuki

And then, and then, here’s an even more rare picture


It’s how I appeared in the main character Toudouin Seiya’s mind

While walking to the location of the shoot after getting off the bus, there were a lot of students going home from school, so I was a little embarassed(//~//)lol

I wrote it in an earlier blog,
but I also worked with the director of this drama during “Black Angels”!

He told me “You’re completely different than when you were playing Reira(^◇^;)

Of course…lol
Because Reira was 25-years-old! lol

When I was 18 I played a 25-year-old,
and at 22 I played a 16-year-old…!

It’s funny(≧∇≦)lol

Everyone who checked it out,
thank you very much

Well then, I’ll have fun while doing my best today too

Until tomorrow’s update~

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  1. This update’s title is of course another pun. In Japanese the title is “Kinou, Kyou to…” (Kyoto)

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