Blog update: “I am…”

Maimi rolls in to Shiga on the NaruChika tour and fills up on local specialties in her November 3rd update “I am…“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I woke up nicely this morning( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I’m getting ready while listening to music~(^o^)

By the way,
THE BLUE HEARTS’ “Hito ni Yasashiku” was just playing( ^ω^ )

I was really addicted to the drama that used it as its theme song 10 years ago, “Hito ni Yasashiku”(^^)


Now then, now then, yesterday we had a NaruChika concert in Shiga~(^o^)/*

It was ℃-ute’s first there(*^^*)

There were platforms in this venue that we tried using a little bit,

and I was even closer to everyone when I got up on the platforms,

and the feeling of everyone looking up from right below us was a little embarassing! lol(//~//)

But when I was in a high place I could see everyone all the way in the back reaaaally clearly,
and it was really, really fun~

Everyone, did you have fun too~??

And then, yesterday we performed one of our new songs for the first time

It was “I miss you”,
from our double A-side single
“I miss you/THE FUTURE”,

and everyone’s reaction when we said “We’ll perform it for the first time!” made me happy~(^o^)/*

I want to perform it in a variety of places from here one, so I’ll be happy if everyone who couldn’t participate yesterday will look forward to it


At the lottery event and MC,
℃-ute’s real side came out…

We did as we pleasedσ(^_^;)

So much so that they kept reminding us of the time…

We ran long…

But that’s how ℃-ute is(^ν^)

Whenever we all go out to eat, we never stop talking( ̄▽ ̄:)

℃-ute always overstays in the restaurants(^_^;)

During the MCs,
everyone teaches us the local specialties,

and that back-and-forth is fun

I love the at-home feeling of the NaruChika concerts

By the way,
everyone told us that Shiga’s specialty is “Baumkuchen

…So, after the first performance was over, we hurried over to the famous restaurant “CLUB HARIE” and ate baumkuchen


It was reaaaally delicious

We also had sweets in the same store


It was full of fruits, so it was delicious too~

And then,
everyone told us “Omi beef and red konjac are also famous~!(^ν^)

At night,
we all ate our fill of Omi beef yakiniku(≧∇≦)


Yakiniku banzaaaaai
The meat was tender and delicious~

On the NaruChika tour,
we’ve had soba,
we’ve had sushi,
we’ve had yakiniku…

Noodles, fish, meat… It feels good eating a variety of things

I’m happy that we’ve been able to eat a lot of delicious things~

During the concert,
I said “Alright, tonight we’ll go to a yakiniku restaurant and eat Omi beef and red konjac(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))”,

but unfortunately red konjac wasn’t on the menu, so I wasn’t able to eat it(>人<;)

I was really, really interested in trying it~…

If we can go to Shiga again, I will definitely eat it

All of the locals who taught us a variety of things,

everyone who came from a variety of places,

everyone who couldn’t participate but cheered for us,

thank you so very much

Now then, now then,
the last of our 3 consecutive stops on the NaruChika tour will be in Kyoto(//∇//)

I love Kyoto

I love Kyoto so much I go there in my private time

I’m already excited thinking about the atmosphere of the streets

What is it~(//∇//)

The old buildings have charm,
and is it the nostalgic feeling, is it calming, is it soothing…

I don’t know how to put it,
but I love the historical feeling…

Buildings that were built without nails during a time where modern technology had yet to develop are still standing today(≧∇≦)

Isn’t that really amazing??(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

I think things like “Historical figures from the textbooks probably walked this road a reaaally, reaaally long time ago!“,

and “They lived in this building…“,

and it’s exciting(^o^)/*

Well Even though I say that,
my worst subject was history~~( ̄▽ ̄;)lol

Liking it and being good at it are different~( ̄▽ ̄)

I will fully enjoy the Kyoto I love(^ν^)

Let’s have a wonderful day
Until tomorrow~♪( ´θ`)ノ

Tonight at 12:20AM,

I will appear on episode 3 of Nagoya TV’s
“Naze Toudou-in Seiya 16-sai wa Kanojo ga dekinai no ka?”

You can watch the trailer on the program’s homepage

I play a 16-year-old, so I wore a school outfit for the first time in awhile

But, it’s not just that
Since it’s a drama, I wore outfits like THAT too…!

Everyone who can watch it, please be sure to check it out

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  1. This entry’s title follows the consecutive NaruChika puns, with the original title being “Watashi ga…” (Shiga)

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