Blog update: “Admire(_´_ ▽_`_)”

Maimi enjoys a concert as a fan and takes Toilette to get groomed in her October 28th update “Admire(_´_ ▽_`_)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

Yesterday I went to watch Moritaka Chisato-san’s “Moritaka Chisato Autumn Tour 2014 ~LOVE~”(//∇//)

The first thing that surprised me when entering the venue were all of the fans’ cheering

Before Moritaka-san came out on stage, people’s reaaaally lively voices were flying about(*^^*)

After awhile, Moritaka-san appeared

Each time I see her I’m fascinated by her beauty

This time it’s a live house tour, and there were a lot of bright songs, cheerful songs, and songs during we could do the hand movements together(≧∇≦)

And then, the ambience of the live band was the best

The songs I’ve listened to a lot sounded really fresh after being arranged by the band(o^^o)

The distance between Moritaka-san and all of the fans was really close, and it created an at-home atmosphere~

In the venue,
there was a cute little girl holding her papa’s hand and dancing along with Moritaka-san’s songs,

and there was a little boy watching the stage while being held by his papa,

and I was charmed thinking “How wonderful~~

During the MC she talked about how it had been 27 years since her debut,

and there are a lot of people who have aaaaalways cheered for Moritaka-san since then,

and when I thought that there were probably people who were students then who became papas and brought their children with them to cheer, I was moved

It’s really amazing that she continues to be loved for such a long time

Moritaka-san’s character,
how she cherishes the people who cheer for her,
her heartfelt songs…


Various things like that are why she continues to get passionate support even after all these years


I really respect her


I want to grow old together with everyone in team ℃-ute like that


I greeted her before and after the performance…

Her aura is overwhelming( ゜д゜)

I didn’t have the courage to ask her for a 2-shot,

so I took a 2-shot with Moritaka-san’s tour pamphlet~


It was a really fun time~~

There’s 3 more days of performances in Tokyo,
and I want to go again

Thank you so much for the wonderful concert


Changing the subject to our pet dog, Toilette-chan

Earlier, she got her first haircut(^o^)/*

Please look
Look at this pitiful face(//∇//)



Her eyes are calling out “Save me~~(´・o・`)”(≧∇≦)lol

So cute~~

Her hair looks amazing standing up…(//∇//)

She doesn’t look like a pomeranian

When her hair was getting cut, she became angry like “Don’t cut it(>_<)”,

but she looks pretty and clean
She returned home even cuter than before

Good work, Toilette( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Well then, let’s enjoy the rest of the day
Until tomorrow’s update~

Yajima Maimi’s casual dinner show will be held in Tokyo on December 5th and 6th and in Osaka on December 7th

The deadline to apply is today 6:00PM

Everyone, please be absolutely sure to do so

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