Blog update: “I’m home(*^^*)”

Maimi returns from a trip to the past and breaks the news of an upcoming DVD in her September 30th update “I’m home(*^^*)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi


Yajima was looking down on everyone from the sky…


and has returned from Okinawa safely♪( ´▽`)


Actually, I went to Okinawa to start filming a DVD yesterday(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

It’s my first time going to Okinawa for a DVD(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

I’ve been there about 5 times in my life,
and it was the first time it hasn’t rained while I was there(≧∇≦)

It was reaaaaally hot and there were still cicadas chirping(^O^)

…I wonder, were they actually cicadas??

The sound was different than the cicadas here…

I participated in the planning stages of this DVD shoot,

and I thought “I want to revisit nostalgic places as a 22-year-old

From there, I came up with a variety of places

There were a lot of places I wanted to go

From those,
we decided to return to Okinawa and go to the locations where I shot my 1st photobook, “Maimi”

However, we ran into a problemΣ(・□・;)

During the photoshoot for my first photobook, I was 15-years-old…

Seven years have already passed since then


The scenery and landscape changed considerably after 7 years, and there were locations we could no longer film in

It feels lonely…


I naturally started humming Moritaka Chisato-san’s “Kono Machi”, which ℃-ute covered, in the locations we filmed(´∀` )

But, the sandy beach didn’t change one bit…


Those who have the photobook “Maimi” at their home,
please try comparing the scenery with this picture


We tried to reproduce the photoshoot from the photobook( ´ ▽ ` )

When I did the pose I did back then,
I started feeling strange thinking “Aaah, they took the picture the second I was at this angle~…”


They also filmed more footage for the making-of video than usual


I remembered things from 7 years ago,
and it made me think about aspects of myself that might’ve grown a little since then…


I’m happy they let me do what I wanted to


And then, Okinawa’s scenery and delicious food was the best

When the release date and details of the DVD are decided, I’ll announce it on this blog


Today the new members of Morning Musume。’14 will be announced at Nippon Budoukan

What kind of girls will join Morning Musume。’14??

I can’t wait to find out

Well then, I’m heading towards Budoukan now

Until tomorrow’s update~(^O^)

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