Maimi announced as Hello! Project’s next leader

It has been announced by Morning Musume。’14’s Sayumi Michishige during interviews in New York that Maimi will be taking over as the leader of Hello! Project when Sayumi graduates November 26th. The news was made in interviews the day after MM。’14’s performance in New York, and Sayumi expanded on the decision saying “It’s essential for the face of Hello! Project to be cute, and Yajima-chan has always been cute, so I think she’ll be alright. She’s the cutest next to me.” She also added “Maimi is a girl who instantly brightens the room. Berryz Koubou will be suspending their activities. S/mileage will be changing their name. Hello! Project will be turning over a new leaf. If Yajima-chan is the leader, it’ll be alright.” On the subject of the announcement, Maimi showed her willingness to take on the position and said “I feel the weight of the responsibility. I’ll lead with a lot of spirit!”

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  1. Very cool, congrats to Maimi! I expected a Maimi/Saki-cho co-leader deal, but with the Berryz hiatus looming, this is probably for the best.

  2. This also makes me optimistic that Maimi and C-ute will continue to be around for awhile!

  3. @ B.G. : Me too ^_^

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