Blog update: “Naming!!(^O^)”

Maimi goes on a sweets expedition and her friend’s kitten gets a name in her September 24th update “Naming(^O^)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi


The weather is cool and it feels nice…♪( ´▽`)

…Just as I was thinking that,
it started raining hard outside and surprised me( ゜д゜)

A typhoon has landed,
so please be careful everyone

Changing the subject,
“UTB” went on sale yesterday♪( ´▽`)

I have a serial article, “℃-ute Yajima Maimi no Yajimap Sweets Sugyou no Tabi”, in UTB


I went to a warabi-mochi shop in Kamakura,

and it was freshly made, so it was reaaaally, really delicious

I love warabi-mochi(≧∇≦)

I made it for Valentine’s Day this year

It’s like~
It’s impressive when the liquid hardens

In addition, it’s jellylike, so when you bite into it, it feels good

Surprisingly, it doesn’t take long to make, so I want everyone to definitely try it


And then, please be sure to check out “UTB”


Ah Also, I have a report

The kitty my friend rescued has been given a name

It’s “Maru-chan”


She said it’s because she wants her to become big and round

She’s sleeping peacefully

On the other hand, our Toilette-chan…



Such a rude sleeping position…lol


What a baby

Don’t you think you’d be soothed if she was around you every day??

Thanks to my pet dogs for always soothing me


Alright, we have a dance lesson next

Everyone’s eating pizza right now,
so we’ll do our best after this(≧∇≦)

Well then, until tomorrow’s update

Bye byeeeee

There’s an announcement about the early ticket application for “℃-ute Concert Tour 2014 Autumn ~Monster~ Finale! Nippon Budoukan Special Performance”

Please check here for details…

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