Blog update: “Starting in Fukuoka(=´∀` )人(´∀` =)”

Maimi arrives at the beginning of the long-awaited autumn tour in her September 21st update “Starting in Fukuoka(=´∀` )人(´∀` =)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

℃-ute’s autumn tour finally started today(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Actually, we went to Fukuoka yesterday,
and we had a generalproble (a rehearsal that’s just like the performance) at the venue(^ ^)

Everyone went out to eat dinner together(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))


Hello! Project trainees are participating in the ℃-ute tour this time

From the middle-right, Ichioka Reina-chan, Hamaura Ayano-chan, and Ogawa Rena-chan
From the middle-left, Kaga Kaede-chan and Kishimoto Yumeno-chan

I’m happy I was able to eat with such fresh members

It was a fun meal where we laughed a lot

I think this each time,
but aaaaaaall of Fukuoka’s food is delicious~( ̄▽ ̄)


(↑By the way, it’s squid tempura made with squid ink)

I ate until I was stuffed,
so I was happy

After eating, everyone gathered in Hagiwara Mai-chan’s room and watched video of the generalprobe

How’d we end up in Mai’s room…?

Well, the reason was that Mai-chan’s room number was 910 (℃-ute),
so we thought “It’s a good omen~“…

And then, the tour opening day


As expected, I was nervous before the performance(O_O)

In addition, I could really see everyone’s faces clearly in the Fukuoka venue

The family seats were in the front of the venue, and seeing all of the standing audience behind the seated audience was fresh

We participated in this tour starting with the planning meetings,

and Tsunku♂-san and the staff took into consideration our ideas

They let us do the things we wanted to do and wear the outfits we wanted to wear,

so it strengthened our resolve to put on a fun performance for everyone

We sing countless songs we haven’t in awhile,

we sang those songs differently than we usual do,

there’s a solo medley corner where we sing other members’ solo songs,

and there are a variety of versions for each performance

My heart will be pounding each time!(◎_◎)


And then, there’s the challenge that we practiced for this tour

How was it??

I hope everyone who participated was satisfied

Thank you to everyone who came and to everyone who cheered for us even though they couldn’t come(*^^*)


There are fewer performances during this tour than usual,

but I want us to move forward performance by performace until the tour finale at Nippon Budoukan on November 11th

Those who participated today and those who didn’t, please be absolutely sure to come and hang out

I’ve updated the tour diary on the cellphone site “Pokemo。”,

so please check it out if you’d like

I was able to see everyone’s smiles at the concerts I love, so it was a day full of happiness(*^^*)

Today I’ll take a leisurely bath and sleep soundly

Everyone, have wonderful dreams…
Good night

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