Blog update: “Kitty(=^ ェ^=)”

Maimi welcomes the autumn weather as her friend welcomes a new family member in her September 19th update “Kitty(=^ ェ^=)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It seems the weather will be nice here today

I love how comfortable the weather is in autumn~♪( ´▽`)


Speaking of which,
yesterday my close friend sent me a message over LINE saying

“Hey hey, Maimi! Look!”

She attached a picture of a kitten…(//~//)


“She joined my family today“…ヽ(;▽;)ノ


It seems she found her in her neighborhood

She’s reaaaaally cute
She’s reaaaaally small

When I saw a kitten by the road earlier, my mom stopped the car and we were going to take it home,

but when I got close to it, it ran off into the shrubs~_| ̄|○


And then, one time there was a large labrador who became lost near my house∑(゜Д゜)

I was returning home from work at night,
and I saw a large figure in the dark with shining eyes, so I was considerably scared((((;゜Д゜)))))))


When I looked closely, it was a cute labrador( ̄▽ ̄)

…So until we could find his owner, we took care of him at our house

He was really clever, and he gobbled up our pet dog Rookie’s food~(*^^*)lol

I think I wrote a blog update about it at the time…

We were able to find his owner without any problems,

and for me, someone who has always wanted to raise a large-breed dog,
it felt like a dream come true and I was happy, even though it was only for a few days


And then, when I was in elementary school,
my brother brought black and white puppies home

My mom was shocked when he came home with them( ゜д゜)

But they were sooooooooo cute

According to my brother,
he heard a small cry, and there were 2 puppies at his feet when he looked back, and they followed him all the way home…(≧∇≦)

We had just started raising Rookie at the time, so our parents were strongly opposed!(◎_◎;)

Because we’d suddenly be raising 3 dogs

So that we could find them owners,
we wrote “Please adopt us!” on a cardboard box and put it on a busy sidewalk, and we watched from a little ways away…(´・_・`)

Immediately, someone stopped and said
“Eeeh Cute(//∇//)” and took them, so I was relieved,

but I felt a little sad, because I thought that we’d be able to keep them if no one took them~(^◇^;)

I wonder how they’re doing now??

They were babies back then,
so are they already a grandpa and grandma now??

…Actually, I don’t know whether they were boys or girls(^◇^;)

I hope they’re doing well now


I think it’s difficult to raise pets,

but the kitten didn’t run away when she met my friend,

so I think their meeting was fate~

Now that kitten will live with my friend for her entire life, so it’s really amazing

She’s also raising a doggie, and she has taken care of it with love, so I’m sure the kitten’s future will be full of happiness too…

I’ll go meet her someday

Well then, I’ll go fired up today

Until tomorrow’s update

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  1. Here’s the update from the day when Maimi encountered the labrador:

    And here’s the update from when she saw the kitten:

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