Blog update: “Outside debut♪( ´ε` )”

Maimi rehearses for the tour that’s right around the corner and takes Toilette out into the world in her September 16th update “Outside debut♪( ´ε` )“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Rehearsal started for the autumn tour yesterday(//∇//)

When I think about it, there’s only 5 days left∑(゜Д゜)

It’s almost here(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Even though I thought “It’s still a ways off“,
each day has passed in the blink of an eye


During break, I played around and drew on Suzuki Airi-chan’s hand,

and she did the same to me!( ゜д゜)


We resumed rehearsal,

and while I was gripping the mic, the character rubbed off without me realizing…_| ̄|○

I’ll draw her again today…♪(´ε` )

This tour will start in Fukuoka, and speaking of Fukuoka, motsu-nabe

The fact that ℃-ute will get to eat authentic motsu-nabe…

…Everyone’s mouths are already watering(;^_^A

When I think that the performances are near, my heart starts pounding,


but so that I can stand on stage magnificently at the performance, I’ll do my best at the remaining rehearsals


And then, when I returned home last night,
Cologne was like this…( ´ ▽ ` )


The picture is out of focus,

but she’s resting her chin on a stuffed animal(//∇//)

Too cute~ヽ(;▽;)ノ

The bear is laying face down and saying
“It huuuuuuurts((((;゜Д゜)))))))”!… Surely.



Speaking of which,
yesterday was the first time that the puppy Toilette went outside

She still hasn’t gotten her 3rd round of vaccines, so she hadn’t gone outside at all,

but I held her and took her out to my pet dog Rookie in the garden…

And Rookie was sniffing Toilette while wagging his tail (o^^o)

The dogs in the house,
Cologne and Aroma, hate Toilette (though she probably doesn’t realize it(^^;;)),

so it made me happy to see that Rookie likes her☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

It seems Toilette fell in love with going outside yesterday,
so I’ll have to take her out a lot

I’ll do my best at rehearsal today too


Until tomorrow’s update



I attached a picture of this outfit in an update the other day

There were a lot of people who asked “What outfit is that~??”,

and it’s the outfit from Yajima’s page in next year’s ℃-ute calendar

This time we each have our own page, and we produced it ourselves

We decided the outfits and hairstyles, the scenery, which pictures was used, and even the fonts(^O^)

Each member’s page is completely different,
so I hope people will enjoy it

If you have the chance to get it, please be sure to do so

It feels really early, but please support us next year too

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  1. The fingers’ word bubbles read as follows:
    Red: “Let’s do our best at rehearsal today”
    Pink: “Let’s!”

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