Blog update: “back number♪(_ ´▽`)”

Maimi gets back into the swing of rehearsals for the autumn tour and goes to see another artist’s concert in her September 15th update “back number♪(_ ´▽`)“. Full translation below.

Good morning

It’s Maimi

Rehearsal for the autumn tour restarted yesterday♪( ´▽`)

We had rehearsal for the Budoukan performances on September 10th and 11th between our tour rehearsals,

so when the Budoukan rehearsal started,
in order to keep from mixing things up,
we decided to forget our autumn tour rehearsals for the time being,

and we cleared our minds of it

Therefore, everyone went over everything together and remembered it

The rehearsal was in a big studio and we used microphones

The autumn rehearsal is really, really fun too, and even though we rehearsed the entire performance, it felt really short


And then, something nice happened

It seems one of the other members bumped into the staff we worked with at the Roppongi Hill event near the studio

She told them “I’m going to rehearsal now…



and they went out of their way to come to the studio and give us treats during a break in the rehearsal



I took a bite before taking the picture(^◇^;)

I was so happy…。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
In addition, it was really, really delicious

Thank you so much




And then, after rehearsal…




I went to my first back number concert with Suzuki Airi-chan and my close friend(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))





In addition,
we were lucky enough to have seats front and center


The venue was Yokohama Arena,
and even though it’s reaaaally big, it was packed∑(゜Д゜)

They also said it during the MC,
but it’s really amazing that so many people gathered to listen to the same music even though they live in different places…

And then, the musical selection was the best

Aaaaaall the songs I love and often listen to were included


I got lost in all the songs I didn’t know too,
thinking “What a nice song~


I love back number’s songs, so I often listen to them,

but yesterday was the first time I’ve seen their MCs

They were really funny

And then, I could tell that they’re good friends

I thought this at both aiko’s concert the other day and back number’s concert,

but artists have a variety of concert styles…

Of course, it’s completely different than our concerts, so all of it is fresh~


I want to go and study a variety of artists’ concerts~


I couldn’t stop humming after the concert♪(´ε` )


I’m the type that hums a lot,
and I’ll start doing it regardless if I’m on a busy street or at the station,

so my close friend always stops me…

But yesterday,
she hummed along with me~♪( ´▽`)lol

After saying bye bye to Airi,
we headed in the direction of my friend’s house,

but we didn’t arrive at the station to transfer trains(・o・)

We were talking and not paying attention, so we didn’t notice until the station before the final stop( ̄▽ ̄;)

Somehow, we got on a train going in the opposite direction~((((;゜Д゜)))))))

Shock…( ゜д゜)

When I became disappointed saying

“We ended up going on a long trip…”
“We’d already be home by now…”,

my friend said

“Well, we got to be together longer(^^;;
It’s like I was being told ‘Talk to Maimi-chan more

‘~♪( ´▽`) Surely


and it made me think
“What a wonderful person~

(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))”, and I saw it as a good thing too(*^^*)

As expected of my close friend

She’s a positive-thinker(^o^)/*

Even though we were together for so long and talked a lot,
after we said bye bye,

I remembered a lot of things like “Ah

I wanted to talk about that, but forgot∑(゜Д゜)”
and “Whoa

I also forgot to ask about that!(◎_◎;)” lol

Well, next time


It was a fun and wonderful day


So that I can make a lot of people feel the same way about our tour,

I’ll do my best at rehearsal today

Well then, until tomorrow’s update

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