Barks article on Maimi trending

As Maimi mentioned in her latest blog update, she was trending in Twitter in Japan prior to ℃-ute’s performance at Nippon Budoukan. The website Barks published an article covering the phenomenon, which reads as follows:

Around 5PM on September 10th, “Maimi-chan” entered the Japan Twitter trends alongside topics like “Apple Watch”, etc. “Maimi-chan” is ℃-ute’s leader Yajima Maimi, and is rumored to be “the strongest rain girl in Hello! Project”.

On September 10th, authorized by the Japan Anniversary Council as “℃-ute Day”, ℃-ute will perform at Nippon Budoukan. Even though the weather was clear in the morning, rain clouds covered the sky in Tokyo as the performance drew near, and heavy rain and flood warnings have been issued for 23 districts in Tokyo, which is why she’s trending. Actually, one by one people are tweeting about Yajima Maimi, saying things like “Maimi-chan’s seriousness is scary”, “Maimi-chan is too fired up”, “Maimi-chan’s legendary rain girl status is going strong today too”, etc. etc.

<℃-ute(910) Day Special Concert 2014 Thank you Berikyuu! in Nippon Budoukan> will start at 6:30PM. We hope that the fans participating in the concert be careful heading to Nippon Budoukan.

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