Blog update: “With my senior…”

Maimi welcomes a special guest to her radio show and enters the final stretch of rehearsals in her September 4th update “With my senior…“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

This morning I had a recording for the FM-PORT program that broadcasts every Friday at 10:00PM,
“℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My MeMaimi~”(^o^)/*


What What
This time a guest appeared on the show(//∇//)


That guest was…


One of my seniors at work
Hailing from Niigata………


Ex-Morning Musume。 member,
Ogawa Makoto-san

I met her for the first time in a really, really long time~(≧∇≦)

When she was in Hello! Project, she was a kind and sociable senior who’d talk to me,

and even though we hadn’t met in awhile,
she was unchanged and still a really bright and wonderful person

I wonder,
how many years has it been seen I had a guest on this program??♪( ´▽`)

I’m always in the booth by myself,
but since Ogawa-san was sitting right in front of my eyes today, the booth was bustling(//∇//)

Ogawa-san will perform in the musical “Cinderella” in her hometown, Kashiwazaki, on September 20th

A performance in Niigata… How nice How nice(//∇//)

I hope ℃-ute can perform in Niigata for the first time in awhile too

When we went there for a concert several years earlier,
all of the members were addicted to poppo-yaki,
Yasuda yogurt,
and Niigata chips~(^o^)/*

If we get to go to Niigata for a concert or something else,
I want to have a public recording of the show(*^^*)

It’s a secret dream I’m holding on to

………But it’s not a secret at all(^_^)a

I talked about Niigata, her musical, and a variety of other things with Ogawa-san

We had so much to talk about, there wasn’t enough time(゜0゜)

There were a lot of stories that I want to hear more about~

In addition, Ogawa-san tried the request sent in by a listener for the the “Let’s Try” corner

Yajima participated as well,
so it’ll be a rare broadcast where you can hear Ogawa-san and I collaborating(o^^o)

It’ll air on the 12th of this month,
so please be sure to listen

I’ll be happy if you listen to tomorrow’s broadcast too~(*^^*)

Ogawa-san, thank you so much for today

Please be sure to come on the program again

And then, I hope you make it to the end of the musical “Cinderella” safely and that it’s a big success…


After the recording,
I travelled to the practice studio,
and had rehearsal for the ℃-ute Day performance at Nippon Budoukan on September 10th(//∇//)

We’re in a bigger studio starting today, and we ran around and danced a looooot today, so I was soaked in sweat♪( ´▽`)

The staff responsible for sound also be participated starting today,
so we wore the ear monitors that we’ll wear on the actual day and sang with microphones to get accustomed to what it’ll be like at the actual performance

We don’t usually wear ear monitors, so they feel uncomfortable, but we’ve got to get used to them before the performance


On a different floor in the same studio,

Berryz Koubou had rehearsal for their Budoukan performance on September 11th(*^^*)

It feels strange to be rehearsing at the same time

I hope we both have wonderful concerts(o^^o)

Each day the performance draws nearer(//∇//)
My heart is pounding and I can’t wait(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

The final stretch of rehearsals

I’ll have fun while doing my best tomorrow too(^o^)/*

Well then, well then, until tomorrow’s update
Good niiiiiiiiiight

Lastly, a picture of me soaked with sweat from rehearsal yesterday…



I have an announcement concerning the ℃-ute official blog early ticket application for “NaruChika 2014 ℃-ute”,

the nationwide live house tour where we go to venues as close as possible to where everyone lives and everyone enjoys the concert from as close as possible

October 25th (Sat)
Morioka CLUB CHANGE WAVE 【Iwate】 (2:00PM/5:30PM)

November 1st (Sat)
Hibiki no Hall 【Fukui】 (2:30PM/6:00PM)

November 1th (Sat)
DRUM Be-7 【Nagasaki】 (2:30PM/6:00PM)

November 16th (Sun)
SAGA GEILS 【Saga】 (1:00PM/4:30PM)

November 29th (Sat)
Kouchi X-pt. 【Kouchi】 (2:30PM/6:00PM)

※The times are when the concert starts

Ticket price: ¥6,600 (Tax included)

Application seating: Free (Tickets have entrance order number)

Application URL:

Application period: September 4th (Thurs) 12:00PM to September 11th (Thurs) 11:59PM

In addition

“℃-ute Concert Tour 2014 Autumn ~Monster~” starts September 21st,

and I have an announcement about the ticket agency early ticket application for the finale at Nippon Budoukan

Schedule: November 11th (Tues) OPEN 5:30PM/START 6:30PM

Venue: Nippon Budoukan

【Ticket Pia】コード:238-970)
★Ticket reserve: September 4th (Thurs) 11:00AM to September 25th (Thurs) 11:00AM

【Lawson Ticket】コード:77647)
★Ticket request: September 4th (Thurs) 12:00AM to September 25th (Thurs) 11:59PM

★Ticket order: September 4th (Thurs) 12:00AM to September 24th (Weds) 6:00PM


I want to put on a concert that everyone enjoys with all my might

I waiting for a lot of people to participate(>人<)


Please check the blog information board for details

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