Blog update: “Rehearsal~♪( ´▽`)”

Maimi gets dressed up for Budoukan and continues to prepare for concerts in her September 2nd update “Rehearsal~♪( ´▽`)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday started with a costume fitting for our ℃-ute Day performance at Nippon Budoukan on September 10th(o^^o)

Every fitting I’m impressed seeing the actual outfits which we had only seen mock-ups of before

They lined the outfits up, and they are soooooooo wonderful that it feels like a waste to only wear them at Budoukan

The fitting lasted over 3 hours,

and since there a lot of complexities like how easy they’ll be to move in and how they look,

they listen to each of our thoughts,
and tailor them to fit our individual bodies

Since they put so much work into making the outfits, I want to wear them well

I hope I can use the outfits well while dancing to enchant everyone~♪( ´θ`)ノ

I’ll do my best(*^^*)

Afterwards we had practice for the autumn tour’s challenge(o^^o)

Something nice happened yesterday


I still can’t say what it is we’ll be doing, but I’ve got to practice a lot so I can do it well at the performance(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))


After practice,

we had rehearsal for the Budoukan performance

℃-ute Day is one week away∑(゜Д゜)

Yesterday we finished the positioning for all of the songs♪( ´▽`)

But since the stage at Budoukan is so large,
there are a ton of position numbers(O_O)

I’ve gotta go over them a lot so I don’t get lost(o^^o)


We imagined Budoukan’s wide stage during rehearsal, so we had to run around a loooooot~(//∇//)

It’s fun

The fact that I’ll get to see the same scenery that I saw from the stage at Budoukan September 9th and 10th of last year…。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Just imagining it fills me with a lot of happiness

We’ll put on a fun, fun concert(≧~≦)

For that reason,
I’m fired up to do my best at rehearsal today(*^^*)

Everyone, fight on today o(^_-)O

Well then, until tomorrow’s update~
Bye byeeeeee

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