Blog update: “Close(=´∀`)人( ´∀`=)”

Maimi continues rehearsing for the upcoming tour and gets up close and personal with Airi in her August 27th update “Close(=´∀`)人( ´∀`=)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday we had rehearsal for “℃-ute Concert Tour 2014 Autumn ~Monster~”,
which starts September 21st

We finally finished the positions for all of the songs except for the special challenge

Now I have to commit it to muscle memory(o^^o)

I’m excited(≧∇≦)

Rehearsal finished a little ahead of schedule,

so Suzuki Airi-chan and I went out for tea♪( ´θ`)ノ


Iced yuzu…(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Cold things are really delicious after dancing(//∇//)

…That said, yuzu is delicious

How come I love it this much even though I disliked it as a child??(≧∇≦)

We noticed a similarity between us( ´ ▽ ` )ノlol

We bump into each other when walking together∑(゜Д゜)

When I said “Sorry I have a habit of bumping into people when I walk with them(>人<;)”,

Airi said “Me too(゜O゜)”

My mom has said
“Hold on(^◇^;) Don’t get so close to me~”,

and ℃-ute member Nakajima Saki-chan has also said
“Leader slams into me when we’re walking! lol”,

and it seems the same goes for Airilol

It seems it reminded Airi of when we were together in Hiroshima for a campaign,

and she said “That’s why back then, the person said ‘Aren’t you too close?(^◇^;)'”…

I remember being told that too,

and when we were sitting on a sofa while being interviewed,

even though there was just us 2,
we were sitting closely together(・Д・)

The interviewer told us “It’s alright if you sit a little farther apart~(^◇^;)”…

I suddenly realized “Ah…… It’s true…… We’re close!(◎ロ◎;)”

I wonder why we do thatσ^_^;

Is it because we think “I don’t want to get seperated!”??;^_^A
It’s mysterious…… lol


Changing the subject,
earlier we were given boxed meal on a day we had polaroid and handshake events


When I opened the lid…


There were 2 umeboshiiiiiiiiii(//∇//)

As I took pictures of the rice thinking

“How lucky(*^^*)
Something good will happen~♪( ´θ`)ノ“,

Okai Chisato-chan said

“Why’re you taking pictures of the rice(≧∇≦)?”

When I said “Because there’s 2 umeboshi(//∇//)”,


she replied “Hey… (^◇^;) Maimi-chan??
In Chisato’s as well…… There’s 2 umeboshi…(´・Д・)」”




……It seems there were 2 umeboshi in each of the boxed meals…(O_O)


Aaaah, what did I get so excited forヽ(;▽;)ノ

But, the sablefish was reaaaally, really delicious, so it’s ooookay♪(´ε` )


I’ll have fun and do my best today

Everyone, have a wonderful day…

Well then, until tomorrow’s update~

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