Blog update: “Chii-san♪( ´▽`)”

Maimi goes head-to-head with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami in her August 20th update “Chii-san♪( ´▽`)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

Yesterday morning we had a photoshoot for the front cover of “UTB+”

We wore a white outfit and a black outfit,
and the black was cool
The white was innocent

It was a fun photoshoot

There was also a long interview,
so all of us got to talk about a variety of topics

I’ll make an announcement when the release date gets closer, so please be sure to check it out, everyone


By the way, the picture is of the sushi we had during the photoshoot lunch break~

As expected, sushi is delicious~(≧∇≦)
I wasn’t able to stop eating♪( ´θ`)ノ

I headed over to the venue,

and had an event with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan~(^з^)-☆


It was really fun
We laughed a lot
We were in really high spirits(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))


I was laughing so much I couldn’t talk…ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Sorry for mumbling…_| ̄|○

But it was really fun(≧∇≦)

At the event,
I wore a baseball uniform and Chinami wore a soccer uniform,

and the 2 of us had a showdown( *`ω´)

There were a variety of challenges for the showdown,

and we came up with the rule that whoever had the most points at the end gets treated by the other

So that Chinami and I would battle each other seriously,

her and I talked it over and decided on the prize(^◇^;)


Well I didn’t feel like I would lose~~|( ̄3 ̄)|

The challenges were things like

a wrapping challenge to see who wraps more beautifully,

a memory challenge where a row of fans said their name and we saw who could remember the most,

a musical challenge where we asked someone from the audience their favorite song, and we saw who could play it the best on a recorder and harmonica, etc…

There were a lotlol

A lot of miracles took place(゜0゜)

For example,

during the hometown quiz,

Chinami made a casual guess,

and it was the correct answerΣ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

During the secret word battle,
we both chose similar themeslol

In this event,

we wore a panel with our secret word written on it on our head!

We didn’t know what the panel on our own head said,

and the object of the battle was to get the other person to say their secret word

By the way,
we each chose our words before the event and kept it secret from each other,

and the word Chinami chose for me was “baseball”,

and the word I chose for her was “soccer”

Since we’re on the same wavelength,
we immediately figured out what the other was trying to make us say, so the match ended in a draw(^◇^;)

But we decided to try again in the second performance,

and we prepared a 2nd secret word…

In the end, neither said the word the 2nd time either,

and afterwards the staff told us that we both wrote “fireworks”(≧∇≦;)

We’re so alike it’s funnyσ(^_^;)

In the end,
Chinami won both times_| ̄|○

I lost……


In addition, Chinami said
“Alright, take me to Kani Douraku~♪( ´▽`)”
and “Take me to shabu-shabu~



Yajima’s wallet is going to feel lonely~_| ̄|○


I researched Kani Douraku,
and it’s really expensiveΣ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

In addition, according to the rules,

I have to upload pictures of the crab and shabu-shabu to my blog as proofΣ(゜д゜lll)lol


Well, we came up with the rules ourselves……

A promise is a promise


I’ll stuff my stomach

I’ll eat delicious crab and shabu-shabu with Chii(≧∇≦)

I think we’ll go when we both have a day off

So you don’t miss it, please keep checking my blog(^O^)

And then,

during the concert part, we selected songs from each of our groups, and sang

1. CLAP!

2. The Party!
3. Arigatou! Otomodachi.
4. Bokura no Kagayaki

5. Ganbacchae!

It isn’t the first time we’ve sung together, but it felt fresh, as expected♪( ´▽`)

It was fun singing~
I made a loooot of eye contact with a loooot of people

All of Chinami’s fans, thank you for warmly watching over me

Your warmth was reassuring

And then, all of Yajima’s fans,
all of both of our fans, thank you so much

It seems there are people who unfortunately couldn’t participate,

but thank you for supporting us still

We did a lot of things,
and I think it was difficult to gather all the necessary props,

so to all the staff that listened to our selfish requests, thank you


My wonderful memories increased
I hope we can have another event together… Chii-san


Well then, well then, I’ll do my best today

Until tomorrow’s update~

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