Blog update: “Morning(^ з^)-☆”

Maimi is up and at ’em early and celebrates hard work in her August 17th update “Morning(^ з^)-☆“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I woke up rea~lly early~(つД`)ノ

There’s still a lot of time until the meeting time(^◇^;)

Now then,
yesterday we had Hello! Project concerts at Nakano Sun Plaza(o^^o)

The 2 performances were over in the blink of an eye

I laughed and sweat a lot yesterday~

Whenever I make eye contact with the other members or the audience,
I become happy

I could even clearly see the people on the second floor,
and thought “Ah They’re wearing my t-shirt~(o^^o)”

Everyone who participated,
everyone who cheered for us,
thank you very much

A lot of staff came to watch yesterday too

So we received a lot of treats

There was blood orange juice, which I love,
and everyone drank some after the performances~(^^)

It was refreshing
And delicious

We received a lot of other treats too

The maple sponge cake was delicious~ヽ(;▽;)ノ

It was fluffy and really popular with the members

A~h I want to eat some again…

I haven’t made treats recently,
so I think I’ll try to make it when I have time~(o^^o)

That’s right
Speaking of treats,

I worked on the map for the serial UTB article “℃-ute Yajima Maimi no Yajimap Sweets Sugyou no Tabi” in the dressing room yesterday,

and I finished the draft,
so all I have to do is color it~~~(^-^)

But I stayed at a hotel yesterday,
and my coloring supplies are at my home, so I’ll color it after I return

I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I finished, and I only have a little further to go

Also, something happy happened

I always draw the map in a sketchbook…

This time there was a label stuck to the page

On the label was written “Maimi-chan, the August map was incredibly wonderful! I look forward to September’s.”。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

The UTB staff must’ve written it after I handed them the map I drew last time…

It made me really happy,
and I was fired up thinking “Alright I’ll do my best(≧∇≦)”

UTB staff, thank you

In addition,
yesterday we decided the songs and discussed the event with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan on the 19th

The performance is right around the corner∑(゜Д゜)

Chii and I have gradually talked about it at the Hello! Project concerts up to now,

and we’ve decided the song order and line distribution

My heart is pounding wondering what the event will be like

All of Chii’s fans, all of Yaji’s fans, please look forward to it

I missed dinner time last night,

so I ate doria after returning to my hotel room(^◇^;)

I ate while sitting next to the window and gazing out,
and from my room I could see inside a building across the street,

I’m not sure what kind of store it was,
but it seemed like a beauty salon,

and someone was cleaning all by themselves with all their might after the store had closed

Even though I was leisurely eating like this(;^_^A

While watching I thought

“There’s people still working hard this late, huh~

I don’t think they ever imagined that someone would be in the hotel across the street watching them,

but when you’re working hard, someone somewhere will see it(^-^)

When I woke up really early this morning and opened the curtains,
it was still pitch black outside, but there was already someone carrying large cardboard boxes around,

and it made me think “Thank you for working hard(´・Д・)」”


We won’t lose to them(^-^)/

So that everyone doing their best every day can spread their wings and have as much fun as possible,

and so that we can become your energy,

we’ll put on wonderful concerts

Everyone, thanks always for your hard work(^-^)


I’ll enjoy myself as much as possible too(^^)

Well then, let’s have a wonderful day today

Until tomorrow’s update~

Today’s pictures are from the photoshoot of “Young GanGan”, which went on sale yesterday and where Suzuki Airi-chan and I appear on the cover


CHI~N Poke poke


She got revenge~(/ _ ; )


We’re good friends~(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

There are a ton of shots of us playing around in my photo folder… lol(≧∇≦;)

I’ll continue to attach them gradually(^-^)

from 12:55AM to 1:55AM,
my appearance on “Urero☆Mitaiken Shoujo” will rebroadcast on TV Osaka

Those who can, please be sure to check it out~

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