Blog update: “SUMMER STATION Ongaku Live(// ∇//)”

Maimi enjoys an outdoor concert under the stars in her August 16th update “SUMMER STATION Ongaku Live(// ∇//)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi


Yesterday ℃-ute appeared at “TV Asahi・Roppongi Hills Natsumatsuri SUMMER STATION”‘s “SUMMER STATION Ongaku Live”~(o^^o)

The summer night had an amazing atmosphere

It was outdoors, so the occasional evening breeze felt really good,

and the venue’s illumination and everyone’s glowsticks were rea~lly beautiful in the darkness~


But, as expected, it was really hot;^_^A

I was gleaming with sweat(^◇^;)

Even just standing still, I had sweat trickling down meε-(´∀`; )

We chose a lot of intense songs to perform too,
so I sweat all the more

1. Dance de Bakoon!

2. The Power
3. Tokaikko Junjou
4. Kiss me Aishiteru

5. Iza, susume! Steady go!

6. Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version)

7. Hitori Shimeshitakatta dake na no ni


Since this was a free event,
we thought “There will probably be a lot of people seeing ℃-ute for the first time, won’t there?“,

and tried performing a lot of our singles

There actually were many people who hadn’t seen ℃-ute before

Since it’s summer vacation season,
there were a lot of children too

Grannies and grandpas too

It felt a little fresh to perform in front of an audience like that

People were packed tightly all the way to the back of the venue,
so I was worried “Can they see us alright~?“,

but still, I was really happy that so many people came

Thank you so very much

Everyone who supported us even though you unfortunately couldn’t participate,

everyone who watched it on CS TV Asahi Channel 1,
thank you

The feeling of openess from performing outdoors is the best,
and it was really, really fun

Did everyone else enjoy it too?

During the announcements,

I became flustered and was unable to say the title,

but on September 9th, ℃-ute Day,
we will have a performance at Nippon Budoukan titled “℃-ute no Hi Special Concert 2014 Thank you Berikyuu! in Nippon Budoukan [Volume 1]”

Everyone who always supports ℃-ute,

everyone who is even a little interested in ℃-ute,

it’s on a weekday,
but please be absolutely sure to come


Actually, we were shown illustrations and the fabrics for the outfits we’ll be wearing on ℃-ute Day,

and all of the members are excited to wear the cute outfits

We’ll be waiting at Budoukan


In the dressing room, the staff of “SUMMER STATION Ongaku Live” gave us treats like this(//∇//)


Shaved ice
It feels like summer

They told us “Have some, everyone“…

I was rea~lly happy
Thank you

Not just that,
but we also had potatoes and kara-age being sold at the booths,
and they were all delicious

The most remarkable thing is this(≧∇≦)


Coca-Cola in an ice bottle

It’s a hot topic right now(//∇//)

I really wanted to drink it after seeing the commercial,

and I never thought I’d actually get the chance

It was movingヽ(;▽;)ノ

As we drank it,
we tried biting pieces off the ice bottle too…(^~^)

My summer memories increased again yesterday

I’m grateful to a lot of people

I hope that we can appear again next year~(o^^o)

Today we have Hello! Project concerts at Nakano Sun Plaza

I’m excited

Let’s have a wonderful day today(o^^o)

Well then, until tomorrow~

Yesterday, Suzuki Airi-chan gave me some gifts from Disney Land


They were delicious(//∇//)

The issue of “Young GanGan” with Airi and I on the cover goes on sale today

The photoshoot was exciting and fun(^^)

I think that atmosphere will be reflected in the pictures, so please be absolutely sure to check it out



everyone who checked out Fuji TV NEXT’s “Odaiba New World Mesamashi Live 2014” last night,

thank you(^^)

I have a lot of fun memories from it♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

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