Blog update: “Otodama Live☆*:. 。. o(≧▽≦)o . 。.:*☆”

Maimi enjoys the sand and surf at an annual beachside concert in her August 7th update “Otodama Live☆*:. 。. o(≧▽≦)o . 。.:*☆“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

How was everyone’s day yesterday(o^^o)

It was a rea~lly fun and happy day for me(^o^)

Yesterday we had the Otodama live at Yuigahama beach

we picked up trash off the beach in the morning


We gathered over 40kg of trash in 30 minutes∑(゜Д゜)

In addition, the place we picked up trash was a popular place a little ways away from the seaside houses

In spite of that, there was that much trash!(◎_◎;)

I heard that that much trash is usually left every day at popular beaches´д` ;

And each and every time the people who live on the beach clean it up(T ^ T)

It seems that the sea turtles and other creatures mistake the trash for food and eat it,

and there’s not a single good thing about that…(>_<)

It’s best if we leave with everything we brought,

so if each person has that sense,
I think it’ll make the beach beautiful and easy to enjoy

I’ve got to watch out too(^-^)

Afterwards we had a talk event

It was led by JouJou Gundan’s Suzuki Keita-san
and Nakajima Saki-chan,

and we separated into 2 groups of Suzuki Airi-chan and I,

and Okai Chisato-chan and Hagiwara Mai-chan,

and we had a quiz battle

We also prepared a quiz for everyone who participated,

and the winners were given the gloves ℃-ute used to clean up the beach, which we all signed

Please cherish them~(o^^o)lol

And then,
unfortunately my and Airi’s team lost,

and we had to do a punishment game where we said Suzuki Keita-san’s one-liner until the audience laughed out loud( ゜д゜)lol


Thank you for laughinglol

Afterwards we had the Otodama live at long last

We had some free time before the rehearsal,
so we went and played in the water o(^▽^)o

Everyone had water pistols\(^o^)/
We dueled with water~(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

It felt like summer(≧∇≦)

Luckily the wind was strong yesterday, so it felt really comfortable instead of hot (o^^o)

We also had a water balloon fight,
and each member was soaked from head to toe o(^▽^)o

After rehearsal, we had the performance


I sweat a lo~t\(^o^)/

There were a lot of bright and spirited songs that suit summer,
so I was smiling from beginning to end(≧∇≦)

While singing “Momoiro Sparkling”, we shot extra-large water pistols from the stage into the audience,

and threw water balloons at everyone(≧∇≦)

There were also cover songs we sang with everyone,
and it was really exciting

It was fun
It felt like we were able to do everything we wanted

I felt lonely after it was over(´・_・`)

Thank you very much for making this summer memory with us

And then, thank you to everyone who supported us even though you unfortunately couldn’t come(^-^)

I hope we can have another Otodama live next year~

I think there are people who couldn’t come because of distance or other circumstances,

so if you have the time next time, please be absolutely sure to participate


…I’m already acting like it’s assured we will appear next year…(^◇^;)lol

But I want to~~~(≧∇≦)

Otodama is the best

It was really hot and the audience was packed tight,

so is everyone alright??

Let’s be considerate of everyone and make room for e~~~veryone to have fun

After it was over and I stepped outside, the evening breeze felt rea~~lly good,

and it felt like my sweat was blown away(^-^)

I sweat so much that my t-shirt was soaked~(;^_^A

I was pleasantly exhausted, so I slept really soundly last night

I slept so soundly that it was a little tough to get up in the morning…(^◇^;)lol

Today ℃-ute will appear at “Odaiba New World 2014 Mezamashi Live”

Actually, the muscle soreness that I wrote didn’t come in yesterday’s update…

I feel it now(°_°)

During “JUMP” at the Otodama live,
I was like “Huh? My thighs are sore(;゜0゜)

It hurts to jumpΣ(゜д゜lll)”!lol(^◇^;)

Even though I said
“My muscles aren’t sore at all(≧∇≦)

at the MC right before…!(◎_◎;)


But, but, I won’t lose to the soreness(^O^)

I’ll enjoy today with all my might (o^^o)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day~


-Bonus picture-

A picture from the photoshoot for the Otodama live goods(^-^)


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