Blog update: “Be friends~´д` ;”

Maimi struggles with getting her dogs to get along in her August 5th update “Be friends~´д` ;“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The weather here is really nice today

It’s so hot(;´Д`A


Yesterday I relaxed at home~

There were a variety of funny things~(≧∇≦)

First, the way my pet dog Toilette sleeps


Isn’t she too defenseless ;^_^A

…Or should I say, she’s so fluffy that it’s hard to tell what’s what(^◇^;)

She sleeps with her stomach sticking up

Her hind legs are as cute as can be

And then, this is how my pet dog Aromoa sleeps


She was probably a cat in her previous life(^◇^;)

She likes to climb up onto the back of the sofa and sleep on that narrow space(^_^;)


The pet dogs that live indoors,
Cologne and Aroma,
hate Toilette,

and the moment that Toilette comes out of her crate, those 2 run up to the 2nd floor…(._.)

Toilette bounces over to them because she wants to play,

but they’ll go “Grrrr~(*`へ´*)”
and growl at her…( ;´Д`)

But Toilette is never scared and acts like nothing happened( ̄▽ ̄;)

It scares me though~


She’s at the age where she likes to play-bite,
and she’ll chew on my hand when I stick it out,

so I’ll get mad and say “Toilette Stop(♯`∧´)”,

and Aroma becomes happyΣ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

She’ll immediately come and snuggle up to me and make a face like

“Say it again“( ゜д゜)


From there, the usually standoffish Aroma will get clingy…

When I’m paying attention to Toilette,
she’ll climb close to my head and start licking my face,

as if she’s trying to say
“Don’t pay attention to her“……(>_<)

I want them to become friends though…
It’s difficult~(´・Д・)」

How can I make it happen??(;´Д`A

In the evening, I went shopping with my mom( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

It was a comfortable day(^-^)

Tomorrow, finally,
℃-ute will have our solo “OTODAMA SEA STUDIO” concert at Yuigahama beach(≧∇≦)

Before the concert,
we will have the “SATOUMI talk show”\(^o^)/…

Everyone who will be participating,
it will be really hot,

so make sure to stay hydrated(>人<;)

Well then,
I will go to rehearsal for the Otodama concert(o^^o)

Until tomorrow~


-Bonus pictures-

In Kyoto


Even though I’m holding a parasol, it’s dazzling(つД`)

My brow is wrinkled…(´-`)

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