Blog update: “Summer vacation finished”

Maimi’s summer vacation comes to a close with a bang in her July 31st update “Summer vacationFinished“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi


So ho~~~t(;´Д`A
Is everyone alright??
You haven’t lost to the heat, have you??(^◇^;)

I met with my close friend last night,
and we went to a fireworks festival~

I was able to go again this year


When the dates for my summer vacation this year were decided, I contacted 2 of my close friends,

and one of them unfortunately couldn’t make plans,

but the other said “I’m free for the 3 days(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))”,

and we came up with the plan to go to Kyoto→Osaka→fireworks festival

Finishing up the 3 days with a fireworks festival was really, really moving

The 2 of us arrived a little early and saved a spot,
and then we went to the stands to buy yakisoba and baked potatoes,

but the stands were really crowded,
so the fireworks started while we were waiting for our turn

Once we got what we wanted,
we hurried back and watched the fireworks while sitting on a sheetε-(´∀`; )

The fireworks were rea~~lly beautiful☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

As I was being facsinated by the fireworks,
I dropped my baked potato_| ̄|○


I was determined to take pictures of the fireworks

But I don’t like watching fireworks through my cellphone screen,

so I pointed my cellphone towards the sky and took pictures while watching the fireworks normallylol

Don’t you think they turned out beautiful in spite of that??


Amazing~~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The fireworks are beautiful


Everyone, what kind of fireworks do you like??

As for me,

I like the kind that explode after going up,
and then it goes from pitch black to sparkling,

and the kind that sound like rain on a tent and are shaped like hydrangea(≧∇≦)

Can everyone understand what I’m saying??(^◇^;)

They’re really beautiful

The cheering and applause got louder during the climax,

and we were moved saying “So beautiful~~~~ヽ(;▽;)ノ” too


I experienced a lo~t of summer these past 3 days(≧∇≦)

I’m grateful to my close friend who spent her vacation with me


There are a lot of smiles in my camera folder

I fully enjoyed my summer vacation,
so starting today I’ll flip the switch,

and work hard while enjoying work(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Everyone, do your best and don’t lose to the heat

Well then, until tomorrow’s update

Today at 11:30PM,
“℃-ute no Challenge TV” will broadcast on BS-TBS

“Nihon no Dentoubunka・Rakugo ni Chousen”,
which we had a public recording for the other day, will be aired

Please be sure to watch ℃-ute challenge rakugo

I hope that more people will become interested in rakugo thanks to this~

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