Blog update: “Nagoya→Fukuoka→Hiroshima(^o^)/*”

Maimi continues to travel around Japan to promote the new single in her July 19th update “Nagoya→Fukuoka→Hiroshima(^o^)/*“. Full translation below.

Good morning from Hiroshima
It’s Maimi

Yesterday all of ℃-ute promoted our new single “The Power/Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version)” and had a release event in Fukuoka(o^^o)

In the morning, Okai Chisato-chan, our manager, and I had breakfast at our hotel in Nagoya,

and then we travelled to Fukuokaε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(^O^)┘

During that time,
the other members were already in Fukuoka promoting the new single

The recorded comments for RKB TV’s “Chartbusters R”

and RKB’s “High touch” (which will air July 25th at 10:00PM)

Thanks to the 3 of them

It was past noon when we arrived in Fukuoka,

and while we were having lunch at a ramen shop there,
we listened to their live appearance on the radio show “The☆Hit Jouhou”

It felt strange listening to the members’ voices in real time(^o^)/*


Afterwards, everyone met up,
and the 5 of us appeared on the live broadcast of “BUTCH COUNTDOWN RADIO”

A lot of fans gathered outside the booth in the heat

Everyone who listened,
everyone who couldn’t but still supported us, thank you very much(o^^o)

Lastly, we had an interview for the free magazine “ch Files Fukuoka edition”

It will be published on August 20th
Anyone can read it for free, so please be sure to check it out


And then, from the evening,
we had a release commemoration mini-concert & handshake event for our new single at Aeon Mall Fukuoka(//∇//)

A lot of people showed up even though it was a weekday


Since it was at Aeon Mall,
people who had come to shop at the stores glanced over as if they were saying “Who is this~?”,

and there were people watching from the 2nd floor atrium as well

The distance between the stage and everyone was short,
and the people sitting in the front row were lower than the stage,

so I was scared that I’d fling sweat at them when I moved my head while dancing at the front(^◇^;)

I wonder if it was alright…?σ(^_^;)

I received lots and lots of power at the handshake event too

There were also people who came rushing over from work and said “Whoa~ I somehow made it!”ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Thank you so very much for coming during a busy weekday

Thank you to those who supported us even though they couldn’t participate too

After the event was over,
everyone went out to eat motsu-nabe(≧∇≦)

Don’t anyone dare say
“Motsu-nabe again~?(゜O゜)\(- -;”lol

We have to have motsu-nabe if we’re in Fukuoka(o^^o)

However, we had to make it in time to catch our bullet train to Hiroshima,

so we were really in a rush and didn’t get to have rice gruel(T_T)


But, but, I was satisfied since the motsu-nabe was really, really delicious(o^^o)

The store clerk was really beautiful(^ν^)♪
She looked like one of my friends from high school

Now then, now then, I’ll work hard today with the power from that motsu-nabe

Today we have a Hello! Project concert in Hiroshima(^o^)/*

But before that

At the concert venue’s Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall at 11:00AM,
we’ll have a release commemoration handshake event for the new single(^ν^)

Let’s have another wonderful day today(≧∇≦)

Well then, until tomorrow~(o^^o)


Those who purchase ℃-ute’s new single “The Power/Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version)” (Regular edition A or B) at a Hello! Project official shop on July 19th (Sat) and 20th (Sun) will get a solo signed poster

Details are here→…

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