Blog update: “Special day\(^o^) /”

Maimi congratulates S/mileage on their big day and goes behind the scenes of ℃-ute’s shoot for “Big Comic Spirits” in her July 15th update “Special day\(^o^) /“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The weather is really, really nice(≧∇≦)

It’s S/mileage weather

Today is S/mileage’s first performance at Nippon Budoukan

Their hearts are probably pounding~(>人<;)

But it can’t be helped being nervous on this occassion(・◇・)/

I hope they’ll cherish the feelings at Budoukan, including the nervousness,

and that they’ll put on a great Budoukan performance in their own style

Do your best S/mileage p(^_^)q


And then, today is Kusumi Koharu-chan’s birthday( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Koharu, happy 22nd birthday(o^^o)
We’re the same age(o^^o)

We haven’t been able to meet recently,
but she’s probably doing well

Koharu is really gorgeous

Every time I meet her I think “How beautiful~” and stare at her spellbound( ´ ▽ ` )

Have a wonderful year☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Once again, happy birthday…(^^)


Changing the subject,

℃-ute appears on the cover of “Big Comic Spirits” currently on sale,

and I noticed it on the platform for the bullet train on the way home from Sendai yesterday

I saw a salaryman walking around aimlessly purchase it from a shop on the platform…(^O^)

It made me feel happy~

By the way, it looks like there’s people in the comments who noticed,

but “Spirits” is written in our member colors(^^)

I’m happy(≧∇≦)
Thank you

Masuda Sebastian-san, who designs outfits and such for Kyari Pamyu Pamyu-san, produced the set,

and decided a theme for each of us saying “Alright, ◯◯-chan will have this kind of image…

By the way,
mine was “Aloof!”(^^)

How come??(^-^)
Do I give off that feeling??

But, as expected, the cute set got me excited

They even made stuffed animals in our member colors, and I became really attached to it


It was a fun photoshoot(^O^)
Thank you


And then

Our new single “The Power/Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version)” finally releases tomorrow(^o^)/*

It’s our 25th single

The oriental-sounding song which is ℃-ute’s first, “The Power”,

and the coupling song which became a single, the really, really rocking song “Kanashiki Heaven (Single Version)”

I hope team ℃-ute becomes even bigger and bigger because of the new single

I’ll write plenty about the new single tomorrow

Well then, well then, let’s have a wonderful day today(^O^)

Until tomorrow~

Tonight at midnight,
I’ll appear with Hagiwara Mai-chan on Nippon Housou’s “Myu~Komi + Plus”

It’s on late, but please listen if you’d like(^^)

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