Blog update: “Okinawa fanclub tour 2nd day!! (^O^)”

Maimi and the girls continue their fanclub tour in her June 15th update “Okinawa fanclub tour 2nd day(^O^)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday was the second day of the fanclub tour in Okinawa(=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

We had the jungle cruise in the morning( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Like I wrote in yesterday’s update, the weather was nice,

so we went ahead with the plans in case of clear weather,

but it started raining the moment the jungle cruise startedΣ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

Hurriedly, we carried out the plans in case of rainy weather(;^_^A

We boarded the boat, and while I was having fun talking to everyone, it started raining heavily(´Д` )

But it was fun~(*^^*)

There was an atmosphere as if an alligator could appear at any moment…(^o^)

It was exciting(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))
If one actually appeared, it would be really scary though

An alligator didn’t appear of course, but instead we saw a water buffalo munch on its breakfast

It was moving

They had magnificent horns

In addition, there were dancers dancing on a boat off to our side and welcoming us (o^^o)

Talking with everyone on the boat was fun

Afterwards, we had a barbecue

Once again we had a meal with everyone (o^^o)

Hagiwara Mai-chan and I were paired up, and Mai grilled the meat with all her might☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

And then we had a bingata dying experience(^o^)/*
While doing that with everyone, the karaoke party started\(^O^)

We sang songs by a variety of artists in a variety of pairings,

and lastly,
everyone joined in for ULFULS’ “Banzai ~Suki de Yokatta~”♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

It’s a wonderful song(つД`)ノ

Hearing everyone sing tugged at my heartヽ(;▽;)ノ

Thank you

everyone ate dinner together,

and the members went up on stage for a one-liner showcase

Some did impressions,
some sang,
and some did parlor tricks(*^^*)

By the way, I got on a scale in front of everyone, and I was going to announce the results

……But I returned to my seat without doing so( ̄▽ ̄)

And then, we sang “Nada Sou Sou” and “EVERYDAY Zekkouchou” to shamisen accompaniment by Cojaco-san~(^o^)/*

everyone danced to Cojaco-san’s “Chura Shima”,
and the event was over

We saw everyone off at the handshake event…

We were supposed to part with everyone there,

but there was another surprise left

We intruded on the bus that was taking everyone back and rode with them for part of the way

It felt like we were remarkably close to everyone, so I was happy and enjoyed it(≧∇≦)

And then,
today we have a NaruChika concert in Okinawa

It’s our first concert in Okinawa(≧∇≦)

I’ll do my best♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

Please have a wonderful day everyone☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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  1. Here’s some more information on “bingata”:

  2. Hello. Thanks again for all the hard work translating Maimi’s (and Chinami’s) blogs.
    That song — 涙そうそう — has an irregular reading — it’s Nada Sou Sou.

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