Blog update: “Thankful(>_<)"

Maimi thanks everyone for celebrating ℃-ute’s 9th anniversary and prepares for Okinawa in her June 12th update “Thankful(>_<)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

Thank you for the many comments celebrating the 9th anniversary of ℃-ute’s formation


℃-ute is really blessed to have so many people celebrating(T ^ T)

While reading the comments,
I thought “There’s a variety of reasons people found out about us

and I nodded along with comments like “Yeah Yeah That’s right That’s the kind of group I want us to become“…

I received a variety of emotions from everyone


Actually, I received a congratulatory e-mail from Fukunaga Marika-chan,
who I starred in a play with March of last year

I had no idea she knew what day ℃-ute formed…

Receiving an e-mail from her for the first time in awhile alone is enough to make me happy, but I became even happier reading what she wrote(つД`)ノ

I always think so, but Marika-chan is always saying really wonderful things~…

It’s reassuring to know that there are people cheering for us even though we can’t usually meet(^o^)/*

It’s not limited to just Marika-chan

I’m really, really grateful


Now then, now then

And then,
our fanclub tour in Okinawa finally starts tomorrow

Fanclub tours are always fun memories,

so I’m rea~lly excited♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

It’s like~
I’m happy we can go to Okinawa

It’ll be my fourth time going to Okinawa…

It rained all 3 times I went previously…Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

“This time the weather will definitely be clear(>_<)
I thought…

But it seems like the weather is going to be iffy…( ゜д゜)

All of the clear weather boys and girls,
please lend me your power…_| ̄|○

Well No matter the weather,
I’ll enjoy it to its fullest (o^^o)


That’s right
This is something that surprised me yesterday

Last year, before I went to Hawaii to shoot a photobook,

I stopped into the office and ran into Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan by chance,

and she saw me off saying “Travel safely

And then, the other day,
I stopped by Chinami’s birthday event before going to Taiwan,

and she saw me off again saying “Enjoy Taiwan(^o^)/*”

As I was thinking “Every time I make a long trip, I meet Chinami beforehand“,

yesterday she e-mailed me saying “Yaji-san What’re you doing tomorrow??”ヽ(;▽;)ノ

I was like “Wow“, and it felt a little like fatelol

It seems Chii had to work in the evening, and I still hadn’t finished preparing for Okinawa, so I had to unfortunately decline(´Д` )

She always e-mails me and runs into me with amazing timing…

Chinami’s amazing! lol(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

She cheered for me saying “Yaji-san Fight“,

so I’ll have fun and do my best in Okinawa

Well then, until tomorrow’s update




The second I took the picture,
my mom yelled “Aroma~!“, so she turned away from the camera( ゜д゜)

Too bad…lol

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