Blog update: “Announcement”

Maimi talks at length about ℃-ute’s new single in her June 11th update “Announcement“. Full translation below.

This is sudden,
but our 25th single
“The Power/Kanashiki Heaven (Single version)” will be released on July 16th

There are a lot of people seeing the title who are surprised, aren’t there?

That’s right, the coupling song for “Aitai Aitai Aitai na”,

“Kanashiki Heaven”, has become a single

It’s the first time for ℃-ute to have one of our coupling songs become a single

Tsunku♂-san has uploaded the liner notes for the new single

Are there people who have already checked it out?(^^)

Like he wrote there,
we’ve performed “Kanashiki Heaven” at concerts and events up to now,

and it really is a song loved by a lot of people,

and it seems there were a lot of people who said “I hope it becomes a single

That is to say
It became a single because of everyone’s support♪( ´▽`)


“Having just one dream is enough for me”

“Someday I’ll finally arrive at my seventh heaven / I’ll probably lose my way sometimes in this endless space”

“I can keep running towards my distant goal because it’s something I love”

For us in ℃-ute who mark the 9th anniversary of our formation today,

there are a lot of parts in the lyrics we empathize with,

and which have given us a lot of courage

I hope that it gives courage and hope to everyone in the same way


This time the arrangement for “Kanashiki Heaven” has changed, and it’s an even more rock song

I want a lot of people to listen to the evolved “Kanashiki Heaven (Single version)”,

and I’ll work hard perform the dance cooly to suit the songp(`・∀・´)q

And then, there’s one more song in this double A-side single,
“The Power”,

and it’s a song unlike any so far where you can see a new side of ℃-ute o(^▽^)o

It’s a song sung by a girl who thinks “I want you to pay more attention to me!(>_<)”,
looking at her boyfriend who is all about work,

and while she says “It’s a pointless dream!”, she knows that he can probably make it come true, and feels an amazing power…

It’s that kind of song

The members are excited about the song thinking

“Surely everyone at the concerts will chant ‘Oi! Oi!’

There are parts with impact interwoven through the dance too,

so I hope everyone will dance along and we’ll enjoy it together(*^^*)

It has yet to release, but please be sure to enjoy it

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