Blog update: “Old friend(=´∀`)人( ´∀`=)”

Maimi reconnects with an companion from the past in her June 10th update “Old friend(=´∀`)人( ´∀`=)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for the late update(>_<)

It was hot all day today(^◇^;)

Today I had a recording and rehearsal for the fan club event being held tomorrow,
℃-ute’s formation 9th anniversary special”

That’s right,
tomorrow is ℃-ute’s 9th anniversary(o^^o)

I’ll write about it in tomorrow’s update(^o^)


Now then, now then, changing the subject, one of my friends from high school had a birthday the other day

Back then we were always together at school,
we went out to see movies and eat during our private time, and we were really close,

but after I switched schools, our chances to meet each other became remarkably less…

At first we constantly e-mailed back and forth…

But gradually we started contacting each other less and less…

I decided to send her an e-mail for the first time in awhile on her birthday(^-^)

My heart was pounding though, wondering
“Did she change her e-mail address..“(´Д` )

I was happy when I got a response

From there the conversation flourished, and we’re still e-mailing each other even now

I’m relieved to find out she hasn’t changed at all

I want to meet her(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Listening to her say “I’m working hard at my job” made me think “I’ll work hard too“, and I swelled up with power(//∇//)

Everyone has their own lives, and being able to be affected by each other’s life for even a moment is an amazing thing( ´ ▽ ` )

Though we only spent a year together in high school, she still motivates me and gives me power like this(^o^)/*

I’m glad I worked up the courage to e-mail her( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



Following that happy storry,
I have a happy announcement


℃-ute and Juice=Juice’s appearance on NHK’s “MUSIC JAPAN” has been decided

Applications are being accepted for those who would like to watch the recording

Date: July 7th (Mon)
Venue: NHK Hall (Shibuya, Tokyo)

Please see the below links for details and to apply
(People will be chosen for the viewing via lottery.)

○NHK homepage…
○NHK mobile site menu → TV → NHK → Viewing…
Please apply from the details page after clicking the link.

We’re waiting for a lot of people to apply

Well then, lastly I have to go over some things for tomorrow

Right now… I’m really nervous(つД`)ノ

Alright, I’ll do my best

Well then, have a wonderful day tomorrow~

Good night

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