Blog update: “Coming home~♪(_ ´▽`)”

Maimi gets to go home early and talks about her close friend in her May 29th update “Coming home~♪(_ ´▽`)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

Today we filmed the music video for our upcoming song♪( ´▽`)


We started early in the morning,
which means we finished early as well,

and coming home at this time of day feels a little strange

By the way, yesterday I went to bed really early♪( ´▽`)

I think I went to bed around 9:30PM(^^;;

The first time I woke up, it was still 10:30PM, so I was surprised(;゜0゜)

I was like “Ehhhh The date hasn’t changed yet((((;゜Д゜)))))))”

And then, I woke up countless times before my alarm went off

It seems I already got enough sleep( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Changing the subject,
there was something related to my close friend which moved me earlier

How should I put it
Ever since we were little, there were a lot of times I felt relieved when she listened to my worries and made me think “She gets it“,

and while talking,
I suddenly realized the reason

That girl is sociable, friendly, and basically loves people

It seems that when she was job hunting, she wondered “What is my strength?”,

and because she loves people and talking to people,
she thought “I’ll get a job that deals with people


When she talks to someone,
it seems she’s naturally thinking “What are they ultimately trying to convey, what kind of words are they looking for??”

I understood

That’s why her responses give me such a sense of security

While listening to her talk about that,
I thought “As expected, she’s always listening with really tender care…“,

and became happy

In addition, I’m able to learn about things outside of my world when I talk to her

She told me that during an interview she was asked,
“Which color would you liken yourself to?”,

and I was shocked thinking “Ehhh They ask things like that~”

“They can glean your personality based on your answer“,
she said

My close friend is good at reading people’s feelings from their conversations,

and the interviewers must surely be good at it as well~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

That’s what I thought while listening to her

Everyone, have you ever been asked a question like that at an interview??♪( ´▽`)


It seems there’s a lot of people really worried about interviews, and it made me think that I want to cheer for everyone who has one coming up

It’s sudden, but I’m going to attach a picture my close friend sent me of a kitten


Haa´д` ;
How can anything be this cute??

My close friend said she’s going to raise a cat

How nice
How nice
How nice(//∇//)

I think I’ll go to my friend’s house and meet it


Sorry for losing my composure(^◇^;)lol

Well then, please have a wonderful rest of the day


Yesterday, May 28th,
was Sayashi Riho-chan’s birthday

Happy birthday, Sayashi-chan

Sayashi-chan is level-headed,
and looks really, really cool when singing and dancing,

but her occasionally child-like faces are as cute as can be

I hope she has a wonderful and carefree year

I hope a lot of happiness arrives for the 16-year-old Sayashi-chan…

The YouTube program
“Hello! Station #69” has been uploaded

You can see ℃-ute’s performance of “Please, love me more!” from our spring tour at Nakano Sunplaza

Please be sure to check it out


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