Blog update: “Nature( ・Д・)!!”

Maimi heads to the movies and takes in a documentary in her May 13th update “Nature( ・Д・)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

It’s so muggy~
It’s making me sweat~

Yesterday, I had recording and filming jobs…


But before that…

I went to “Nature” by myself

“Nature” is a documentary filmed with a cutting-edge camera

In addition, the theme was “water”,
so it was rea~lly encouraging to a rain woman like me(´∀`*)lol

At any rate, it was amazing(゜o゜;;

Being able to see animals that close

It felt like the animals were actually right there in front of my eyes~(゜0゜)

In addition, a lot of animals and places I wouldn’t be able to see outside of the movie appeared,

and it made me feel strange like

“These kinds of things exist in this same world~…(゜o゜

But when they showed an insect on the big screen…

Wait…… yeah… um…(; ̄ェ ̄)


And then, it can’t be helped,
but my heart ached when they showed scenes that illustrated the survival of the fittest…(´Д` )


…That said, we’re blessed by nature…
We must be grateful…

But, on the contrary, I was surprised a lot by animals that made me think

“You’re that strong even though you have a body that small???Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ”( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

It’s my first time seeing a movie in this genre,

and it’s always interesting to me the differences in the audiences of each genre(^o^)

There were a lot of parents and children at “Nature”

Boys in particular are interested in animals and bugs, aren’t they

There was a boy in about the 2nd grade sitting next to me,

and while watching the movie he would know the names of the animals and bugs as they were being introduced♪( ´▽`)

Even though it was the name of a bug I never heard before,

he’d say “Ah It’s ◯◯◯◯◯◯◯(^○^)”…


He’d say to the granny he came with
“Listen, about this bug……” and explain it to her…

He’ll probably take a job dealing with animals or insects in the future…(*^^*)♪

I took it upon myself to imagine that child’s futurelol

Seeing a new kind of movie occassionally is nice~(^-^)

Today too, in places far away,
a variety of new stories of animals, insects, and fish are starting~…

After work was over and I returned home,
I watched 3 of the dramas I recorded in one sitting(^o^)

Dramas always end with a cliffhanger for the next episode,

so I’m glad when I can watch them back-to-back

And then,
I went to the supermarket after noon and went shopping(*^^*)

I made a sponge cake


I’ll put the finishing touches on it when I return home(^O^)

Well then, until tomorrow’s update~(*^^*)
Bye by~e(^-^)っ



With Okai Chisato-chan


I Yajima’ed again…


I have an announcement about the fanclub application for ℃-ute’s appearance at “Joshi Rakugo 2014”

℃-ute, BS-TBS’s 2014 campaign idols, will challenge 5 great themes on

“℃-ute no Challenge TV”
(The last Thursday of each month at 11:30PM to 12:00AM)

With the theme of “challenge Japanese culture”, we took on the challenge of rakugo

Can the 5 of us captivate the audience using only the art of “talking”?!

It’s a special stage that will have a public recording

Please check here for details…

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