Blog update: “17→18 21→22 (Maimi)”

Maimi wishes Maimai a happy birthday and commemorates her own in her February 7th update “17→1821→22 (Maimi)“. Full translation below.


Hagiwara Mai-chan just turned 18-years-old~♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪


It’s a miracle that we have the same birthday~

Mai is like a little sister to e~~veryone

She has a really cute character,
she’s clingy,
she’s frank,
she expresses her affection straight-forwardly…
She’s a girl who can be loved by anyone

Therefore, whenever she teases me,

I’m like “Hm~~ I can forgive her if it’s Mai(//∇//)”

I’m being too easy on her, aren’t I…σ(^_^;)lol

The dressing room is always lively when Mai is there,

and she’s a~lways talking like “This happened today~ I did this~…”
She’s also like a little sister in that way~

there are a lot of times she surprises me and makes me think “She thinks like an adult~

Every day she goes about her life while thinking about a lot of things,

and she’s good at noticing what’s happening around her

She watches the other members more than anyone else,

so she notices abnormal behavior and changes right away,
and she’s a kind girl who, if someone is away from the rest,
will naturally become concerned and call out “Come here

She’s a girl who can understand people’s feelings

She’s rescued me countless times too
Mai can see through everything,
so when I’m silent, she immediately figures it out and says “Maimi-chan, is something bothering you?”(;^_^A

No one can keep a secret from Mai~( ̄▽ ̄)lol

Because she’s like that, she is loved by everyone

I love Mai too

Let’s both have a wonderful year

Happy 18th birthday


And then, today Yajima safely turned 22-years-old

22, huh~
I feel like only my age has grown and nothing has changed about me,

but when I was little, 22 seemed really grown up…

I always thought “I want to become an adult soon” when I was a child,

but I didn’t need to be in such a hurry (It can’t happen that quickly anyway…lol), and I’ve become 22-years-old in the blink of an eye…

But, I must show my gratitude.

Though I don’t know what will happen in my life, I’ve been able to pile on another year safely

On my 21st birthday as well,
a lot of people said to me
“Have a wonderful year“,

and just as everyone had wished,
it was a year full of happiness for me

There were a lot of things~
There’s a lot of memories I can’t ever forget…

All of it is thanks to everyone, e~~~veryone who supports me

Family, friends, the other members, the staff, those who cheer for me…

I’m filled with gratitude for my encounters and interactions with each and every one of you

I’m 22-years-old starting today,
and I’ll move forward day by day with gratitude this year too

There are days I thought “Will tomorrow hurry up?(>_<)”
and “I want to forget today(>_<)”,

but no matter the day, none of them were useless, and they’re all connected to the present…

Today, tomorrow, and the day after,

each day is necessary for me to become more and more of an adult

The birthday event in Osaka today was as fun as possible。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Everyone who celebrated at the venue,
Airi (Suzuki Airi-chan) who gave her comments,
the staff who recorded a video,

and then, everyone who sent their feelings…

Thank you so, so very much

I want to see a lot of wonderful things with everyone I love in my 22nd year too

Please continue to support me from now on too



Father, mother,
thank you for giving me life

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