Blog update: “20 Nacky (by Maimi)”

Maimi welcomes a fellow ℃-ute member to adulthood in her February 5th update, “20Nacky(by Maimi)“. Full translation below.

Happy birthday Nacky

The snow stopped, the sky cleared up, and the stars look more beautiful than ever

Amongst that scenery, the date has changed to February 5th, and it’s Nakajima Saki-chan’s birthday

Nacky has become an adult\(^o^)/

Nacky, congratulations on your 20th birthday


Now I have a friend amongst the members who is in her 20s☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Hehe I’m happy

The 8-year-old Nacky is now 20…
It feels strange, doesn’t it
We’ve been together for such a long time

Twentieth birthdays are something special…

A variety of things from the past 20 years come to mind,
the gratitude towards each and every one of those things boils over…

And we join the world of adults…

I wonder, has Nacky’s mental state changed??( ´ ▽ ` )

Nacky is already a level-headed person though…

She has big and sparkling eyes and is so cute it makes you want to protect her But I see a really cool woman It’s something on the inside


I really feel that she has a lot of things that I don’t

Therefore, I look up to her and often think “I want to be more like that“…

Well, there are things like that with each of the members(uvu)

If I start talking about Nacky’s wonderful points, I can’t stop,

but she’s level-headed, she has a strong sense of justice, she thinks of others before herself, she’s able to listen to others’ opinions, she has an abundance of emotion, she’s attentive, she’s a hard worker, she has a thirst for knowledge, she’s modest, she’s kind, her will to do things she’s decided on is strong… And there are a lot, a lo~~t more things

I really respect her

Nacky’s amazing, and her good points keep popping into my mind

She’s such a wonderful woman, I really can’t find any flawsσ(^_^;)

I want to continue to receive a lot of motivation from her and work hard together…

Cooking, photography, fashion… It’s wonderful how she has a lot of hobbies too

It’s good to enjoy a variety of things in life

Nacky is able to discover a lot of ways to have fun by herself… It’s wonderful…


Actually, the birthday present I got for Nacky was really big…f^_^;

We have birthday events in Nagoya and Osaka today and tomorrow for the members born in February,
Nacky, Hagiwara Mai-chan, and myself,

so I gave her the present on the night of the 4th(^^)

She was delighted~(T ^ T)
I’m glad。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

The 2 of us got really fired up saying “Let’s do our best at the events starting tomorrow((`・∀・´))”

Though while saying that, my heart is pounding…(;^_^A

But, but
The day Nacky turns 20 is an important day, and I want her to have a wonderful day and enjoy it to its fullest

Those who are participating and those who unfortunately can’t, let’s have a magnificent celebration

Nacky, from the bottom of my heart,
happy birthday

Thank you for being born……

I’m glad that I was able to meet Nacky

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  1. You’re back, BG! Yay! Welcome back 😛

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