MaimiLog status update

First of all, thanks for being readers of MaimiLog, and most importantly, thanks for supporting Maimi! Beginning tomorrow, February 5th, I will be travelling to Japan to spend about a month cheering for Maimi like we can only do in Japan! As such, translations will likely become more sporadic, but I will do my best to translate when I have time and to make sure I get every translation. In addition, I’ll try to update on the happenings while I’m there. Please be patient and stay tuned!

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  1. Hello…
    Okay, on the one hand, grrrr, jealous; on the other, have fun and all that.
    Thank you for everything you do here.

  2. Have a Great Time! Cheer for all of us!!!
    We appreciate your efforts for us, and wish you a Wonderful Adventure!

  3. *is feeling outraged and very jealous* Gee BG I knew you were heading to Japan…But 1 month?! No wonder you said you were already using leave that you haven’t got yet…*shakes fist*

    But hey, do enjoy yourself and take loads of pictures to share with us yeah??

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