Blog update: “Date with Chinami Part ②♪( ´ε` )”

Maimi’s date with Chinami continues and she receives some early birthday wishes in her January 30th update “Date with ChinamiPart ②♪( ´ε` )“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I’ll continue from yesterday

The things I wrote about in yesterday’s updates were things I usually see from Chinami (※Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan)…

I also saw a side of her I’d never seen before

When we sat on a bench in the park and ate what we bought at the stands,

from somewhere around us we heard

“Hello~~~“, and Chinami’s little sister came running over

After that, Chinami’s family came in succession…\(^o^)/

When we were still Hello! Project Kids,
I remember her little sisters being rea~lly small and peeking out from behind their mother’s legs

But they’ve become this big…ヽ(;▽;)ノ …I was really moved(T ^ T)

“Let’s go over to the stands~(^^)/~~~”

While looking at her sisters from behind as we left the park,

Chinami said with really kind eyes
“○○ loves fashion, look The coat and backpack she is wearing right now are Chinami’s old ones(^^)

But ○○ has no interest in fashion at all~

It’s funny how different their characters are~

At that instant I really felt “Ah, Chinami’s such a big sister

Speaking of which,
my brothers’ and my personality and types are completely different

Is that how it is with siblings?


Both of Chinami’s hands were full with things she had bought and she couldn’t split her chopsticks,

so she used her mouth to split them,

and her older sister became annoyed and said
“Don’t use your mouth“,

and it made me think “Ah~, Chinami’s a little sister…

Actually, a little earlier I had split my chopsticks with my mouth just like Chinamiσ(^_^;)
The two of us will need to reflect on our ways…~(・・))

I was filled with warmth as I watched and thought
“Sisters are nice

Chinami’s family gradually contacted each other,
met up, and walked together…

Chinami’s mama got toppogi and shared them asking
“Do you want some?“, and she also bought baby sponge cake for us(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

One of their older relatives was also there,

and Chinami looked cute acting like a needy child to her(o^^o)

We all went and sat in the park, but the older lady stood behind Chinami, and Chinami rested her head against her stomach the e~ntire time

For e~~veryone to gather at a festival like this, they must get along really well~

I thought “How wonderful“, and felt really warm

It was a really fun time(^o^)/*

Around 5:00PM we said bye bye to each other

Once again I rode the train and transfered at the same station I always transfer at,

and suddenly there was someone looking at me from the sideΣ(゜д゜lll)

I was surprised and yelled “WahΣ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ” outloud…(-。-;

The person was my close friend

I became excited at once

But my mom had come to pick me up at that station, so we couldn’t switch trains together and I had to say bye bye to her。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

Afterwards, when I was talking with my close friend on LINE,

I said “You notice things well(^O^)”,

and she responded “I know how you walk(^^)”…

Eh??(・Д・) I have a characteristic walk??

I wonder what it’s like? Everyone? lol

Even though it was only for a moment, I was glad I got to meet her

Afterwards, I met up with my mom and went shopping

It was fun~
It was a really satisfying day off

Thank you for reading about my day off these past 2 days


From here I’ll change the subject to yesterday!

Together with Berryz Koubou’s Sudou Maasa-chan,

I was interviewed for the Radio Nippon program which airs every Wednesday at 1:20PM~,



The 2 of us doing radio together… It felt really fresh(*^^*)

It’ll air on February 5th and 12th, so please be sure to check it out

After the recording,
they surprised me with a birthday cake(つД`)ノ

It was such a surprise(T ^ T)


In addition, it was a Mont Blanc cake,
which I love

I was so happy

The Mont Blanc was delicious
Thank you

And then,
at night we had a release commemoration handshake event for “Alo-Hello! ℃-ute 2014”, which is currently on sale


A lot of people came even though it was a weekdayヽ(;▽;)ノ

There were also a lot of people who said “It’s a little early, but happy birthday“,

so I was really happy

I’m glad I was able to meet a lot of people

I think there are also people who unfortunately couldn’t come,

but thank you for supporting us still

I’ll be happy if we can meet next time

Well then, well then, let’s enjoy the afternoon too(^o^)/*

Until tomorrow’s update~

There’s an announcement regarding the early ticket application for “℃-ute Concert Tour 2014 Spring ~℃-ute no Honne~” on the official Hello! Project home page

Go here for details…

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