Blog update: “Serial event @ Osaka(^o^)”

Maimi has an event for ℃-ute’s latest single and announces their next in her January 27th update “Serial event @ Osaka(^o^)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It’s cold(^◇^;)

The weather is really nice though(´・Д・)

Yesterday we had the serial event for the new single “Tokai no Hitorigurashi/Aitte Motto Zanshin” in Osaka( ´ ▽ ` )

Everyone who participated,
everyone who supported us even though you couldn’t participate, thank you very much(/ _ ; )

During this event

there was a Q&A corner,
a performance,
and a handshake event,

and everyone in Osaka was really spirited,
so during the Q&A corner,
a lot of people raised their hands assertively

Time was limited, so we couldn’t take everyone’s questions m(._.)m

Everyone who showed courage and raised your hand, thank you

Ah! That’s right
There was a question “What do you often sing in karaoke??”,

but I forgot the title and was only able to say “Mirai…”…(・_・;

In the end I said “Mirai Yosou Zu”…

After the performance I thought “No… It’s similar, but that’s not it…“, but I couldn’t think of it…(-。-;

My mind was hazy(´・_・`)

I finally remembered

Mi-san’s “Mirai no Chizu”(^_^)

I sing it a lot, but I couldn’t say it(;^_^A

I also said it on stage,

but there’s also Sasuke-san’s “Aoi Bench”
and Kobukuro-san’s “Akai Ito”

In addition, recently I’m listening to Ikimonogakari-san’s “Message”

The lyrics are cute
It also has a nice tempo and is fun to listen to

It’s like a tongue twister, so humming it is fun too

And then, for the performance portion,

when we were deciding the event contents,
everyone had the conversation
“We want to include cute songs and songs we haven’t performed recently in each performance“,

and in both Tokyo and Osaka there were 3 performances in one day, so we thought of 3 types of setlists( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

There were cute songs like

“3-ban Hoomu 3-ryoume”
“Bagel ni Ham & Cheese”
and “Shiritsu Kyougaku”

Nostalgic songs like

“As ONE”


“Hitori Shimeshitakatta dake na no ni”…… This isn’t a nostalgic song,

so we paired it with the cute and nostalgic song
“3-ban Hoomu 3-ryoume”…

Airi wrote as well,
but for the people who joined team ℃-ute recently,

it’s probably their first time hearing the songs live…

Ah… Probably not just those who became fans recently…

There were songs that we hadn’t performed for several years

There was no formation for just 5 members, so we had to think of how to fill to holes left by the members who graduated…

It made me remember that ℃-ute has a lot more songs like that, and I hope that we can perform a variety of songs, including the nostalgic ones

We also announced the release of our newest single

The double A-side single,
“Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shitemita”
and “Love take it all”,
will be released in March

The melodies themselves differ completely in each song, so I want everyone to be able to listen to them soon

When I think about it, it’s amazing to announce the next single during another single’s serial event(^^)

Thinking that the number of our songs has increased makes me really happy, and I need to be grateful for that


Lastly, the handshake event…

It’s only for a short period of time,
but being able to exchange words with everyone,

squeeze everyone’s hands tight,

and see each person’s smiles and eyes up-close as they try their hardest to express their feelings made me feel really happy

Thanks to everyone, yesterday flew by

I hope everyone else had fun too…( ´ ▽ ` )

Alright, another week begins today(^o^)

Let’s all do our best while having fun

Well then, until tomorrow’s update

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