Blog update: “Hokkaido~♪( ´▽`)”

Maimi heats up Hokkaido with a Hello! Project concert and enjoys a variety of treats in her January 26th update “Hokkaido~♪( ´▽`)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday we had a Hello! Project concert in Hokkadio

Everyone who participated,
everyone who cheered for us,
thank you very much


Hagiwara Mai-chan, who couldn’t appear at the Nagoya performances because of the flu, returned healthy,

and the 5 of us were able to put on a performance again

The snow had piled up in Hokkaido

But it was warmer than I expected

I wore a lo~t of layers,
so I was sweltering on the plane back, and it woke me up~(;´Д`A

I was sweatingΣ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ


There was only one performance of the concert, and it was over so fast I wanted to have one moreσ(^_^;)

There were an incredible amount of girls,
and when I remember how the audiences looked long ago, it makes me think “It’s changed a lot

All of the girls were undaunted by all of the men’s cheering,
and they cheered a lot,

so I was happy

With today’s solo corner,
all of the members have now performed(^^)♪

I wonder what the next performance in Fukuoka will be like

And then, speaking of Hokkaido,
it’s Morning Musume ’14 member Sato Masaki-chan’s hometown,

and Maa-chan gave us a variety of treats

She gave me an omochi with beans in it

But… I forgot to take a picture

I was happy
Thanks Maa-chan

In addition, Okai Chisato-chan also gave us cakes from Disney Land

Chissa, thanks


Backstage, there was also this kind of treat


Isn’t it amazing?。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

There was a whole cake for each group…


Each group had a different kind, so I received a bite of the other cakes from the other members

I was happy♪( ´▽`)

By the way, the picture is with Berryz Koubou’s members

From the left: (Tokunaga Chinami-chan, myself, Sugaya Risako-chan, and Kumai Yurina-chan)

Chii was stretching her arm out with all her might to take the picture, so she’s cut off(^◇^;)

I also updated the tour diary on the cellphone site “PokeMo-。”, so everyone who can check it out, please be sure to do so

later today we’ll have the serial event for the new single “Tokai no Hitorigurashi/Aitte Motto Zanshin” at Mido Kaikan in Osaka (^^)

At the venue,

the ℃-ute Event V “Tokai no Hitorigurashi” and Event V “Aitte Motto Zanshin” will be sold

These contain each members’ solo versions of both music videos

the Dienoji X ℃-ute collaboration radio drama that aired on JFN’s “SCHOOL NINE”,

“Tokai no Hitorigurashi Nai! Nai! Nai!”, will also be on sale,

so please be sure to pick it up if you’d like


Alright I’ll go enjoy today too


Well then, until tomorrow’s update~

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