Blog update: “OFF!(・ω・)”

Maimi enjoys a much-deserved day off in her January 23rd update “OFF!(・ω・)“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I had today off

So, I left my house in the afternoon,
and went to see a movie

I saw “Eien no 0”,
which I a~lways wanted to see

I finally got to see it(T ^ T)

Ah… A variety of people told me
“It’s a good movie“,

and I agree(T ^ T)
It really is a wonderful movie。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

It made me think that not denying your feelings is a cool way to live…

That helping someone else will come back to you…

And even though it’s a war story, it made me think that no matter the era, each and every person’s lives have a variety of stories, and each one is special

Each person experiences their life in a way that only they can…

I’m really fortunate to be able to relax at my house and have the concerts I love like I do…

Once again I felt “A lot of things came together to make things the way they are now~…”

In addition,
today I watched Perfume’s concert video

And I went to karaoke with my mom…

The day flew by( ゜д゜)

The production in Perfume’s concerts is amazing( ゜д゜)

Watching other artists’ concerts like this gives me a lot of motivation

I wonder what ℃-ute’s spring tour will be like…

I want to put on a performance that has powered up from the previous tour’s

I can’t wait(^ ^)
I’ll do my best(^o^)/*

And then,
I saw on TV that Tanaka Masahiro will be joining the New York Yankees

Satoda Mai-san will move to New York with him

I’ve watched him play since the National High School Baseball Tournament,
and after an intense amount of effort,

he’s finally joining the Yankees…

It’s really amazing

I think the environment and day-to-day life in New York is completely different from what it’s like here,

but I want to cheer for his activities in New York from Japan


Now then
Today will be over in the blink of an eye(^^;;

I hope tomorrow is a wonderful day too…

Here’s a pre-order application announcement for “NaruChika 2014 ℃-ute”, the tour that visits live houses all over the country

Application URL:
Application period: January 23rd (Thurs.) to January 29th (Weds.) 11:59PM

Please check here for details…

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