Blog update: “Return of Mai-chan(= ´∀`)人( ´∀`=)”

Maimi reunites with a member who was out of commission and enjoys some surprise treats in her January 21st update “Return of Mai-chan(= ´∀`)人( ´∀`=)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Hagiwara Mai-chan took a break from work because of the flu,

but she returned yesterday\(^o^)/

Welcome back, Mai-chan

The 5 of us got together for the first time in awhile


When Mai arrived at the meeting place, I felt a little moved (lol)

As soon as we met,
she talked about when she got a fever,
how amazing medicine is lately,
and how bored she was when her fever went down(^^)

She even showed us a video saying

“Morning Musume’s Sato Masaki-chan sent me a video like this(^o^)/”,


and her typical machinegun talk made me think
“This proves that she’s feeling good“,
which made me happy

In addition,
she said “I have a present for everyone“…

And she gave each of us this(T ^ T)


R-1 yogurt, which I’ve been told is good for holding off the flu

Mai-chan said
“I don’t know what I’ll do if my sickness spreads to everyone(>人<;)”, so it seems she was worried about us…

This was the first time Mai has ever come down with the flu,

and she said “I don’t want to ever get it again(>_<)”

“Even if you get it once, there’s a potential you’ll come down with another strain“, she added,

and it seems there’s a lot of R-1 yogurt at her house now

As expected,
our health is the number one priority,

so let’s all be careful not to catch the cold or come down with the flu and norovirus, which are going around right now, and stay healthy

Our first job yesterday was an interview for TV Saitama’s “HOT WAVE”,

which will air on February 26th

The 3 of us born in February,
Nakajima Saki-chan,
and Mai-chan,
appeared on the program

It was really fun and time flew by

And then, I couldn’t hide my astonishment when they surprised us with cakes

In addition, these cakes
They’re our member colors。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

I’m so happy~

It seemed like a waste to eat them, but they were delicious


In addition, after the interview they said “Eat these with all the members“,

and even gave us macarons in our member colors(T 0 T)


I’m really grateful(´Д` )

Thank you very much


we had an interview for the issue of “SPA!” going on sale February 6th

It’s ℃-ute’s second appearance

We all talk about our aspirations for this year, so please be sure to check it out

Now then, now then
I have a job that I’m really nervous about today(°_°)

I’ll do my best

Let’s have a wonderful day today too

Until tomorrow~

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