“Yajima Maimi in Hawaii”

The ℃-ute YouTube channel has uploaded a video titled “Yajima Maimi in Hawaii ~Watashi ga Honki wo Dasu Yoru~”. The video, filmed when ℃-ute was in Hawaii November of last year, starts with Maimi standing outside the same steakhouse ℃-ute visited when they went to Hawaii in 2012. Maimi tells the story of how she ended up eating 3/4lbs of steak by herself without realizing the other members were sharing, and so now she wants to try eating an entire pound of steak. Once the steaks are grilled (medium), Maimi gets her pound of steak, worcester sauce, rice, and a plate of some of her other favorite things and goes to work. Make sure to watch the video to see if she can complete the challenge!

In a final comment at the end of the video, Maimi writes that she gained 2kg as a result of the challenge, which was difficult to lose.

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