Blog update: “Outer spaceΣ(・□・;)”

Maimi appears on live TV and goes to see an Academy Award nominated film in her January 16th update “Outer spaceΣ(・□・;)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

I appeared with Nakajima Saki-chan on the live program “J:TV Style” at noon

During the program,
they introduced the show “The Mentalist”…

The story is of a mentalist who is consulted in the investigation of crimes,

and who can read the criminals’ feelings and solve the case by doing things like watching their eye movements and listening to how they talk


I was able to watch it as well since we were appearing on the program,

and Warner TV’s Honda Toshihiko-san introduced some clips with an explanation

Even though it was only one part, my heart was pounding and I was on the edge of my seat as I watched intently

Watching while trying to solve the mystery is also fun

I have DVDs at home that I haven’t watched yet, so I think I’ll watch them when I have the time

It also seems Honda-san, who explained the show for us, has been a fan of ℃-ute since we won the Best New Artist award at the

Record Taishou,

so he talked to us a lot o(^▽^)o

I’m happy… Really…(*^^*)

The program’s MCs,
Arimura Kon-san and Kuribayashi Sami-san,
are really kind,

so even though it was a live broadcast, I was able to have fun instead of feeling nervous

I’m grateful

I hope that more people learned of ℃-ute because of the program(^^)

Everyone who watched,
thank you very much


And then, I had free time until my next job…

Nacky had another job, so we said bye bye for the time being,

and I went to see a movie by myself(T ^ T)

Even though I’m typing the blog like this, I still haven’t been able to escape the lingering memory of the movie…( ;´Д`)

I saw a really wonderful one(T ^ T)


There are a lot of movies I want to watch right now, and this one took priority

Those who have seen the movie said it was really good

Listening to them, I was like
“I want to see it(>~<;)”,

so I set out for the movie theater by myself

Ah I really want everyone to see it too(;´Д`)

The story is set in space and I watched it wearing 3D glasses,

and the first thing that surprised me was how it made me feel like I was in space

And then, the picture was really beautiful

It was like my dream of going to space became real…

The earth seen from space and the stars were really beautiful, and it made me feel like I was floating through space


But as the story progressed, I started to feel the scariness of outer space(>_<)

It was really thrilling,
no, thrilling isn’t the word for it…

It squeezed my heart,
it was painful, heart-breaking, scary…

It’s because I felt like I was actually there(^_^;)

It was like it was really happening to me(/ _ ; )

Being by yourself is uneasy and disheartening…

But if there’s someone by your side, you can feel relieved…

The heroine had no choice but to battle alone though…

She overcame her pain, fear, and worry and became stronger,

and before I realized it, the bottom of my 3D glasses were filling with tears…( ;´Д`)
I cried along with the main character

After the movie ended, I couldn’t get up from my seat for awhile…(._.)

I sat watching the credits in stunned silence(´・_・`)

Aaaa, having the courage to sacrifice yourself for someone else is cool…

…That said, it was so heart-breaking…ヽ(´o`;

No good…
If I think back to it, I’ll enter a daze again,

so for the time being

I recommend seeing it(ToT)/

Though only the painful parts stand out in this update,

I also cried because of warm feelings,
I also cried because the heroine overcame her struggles,

and there were a variety of messages in the movie(T ^ T)

I felt such empathy because of Sandra Bullock’s acting,
which was so real that it didn’t seem like acting…(T ^ T)

I’m grateful to her for letting me experience that world

As expected, a variety of feelings come out when I watch movies…(T ^ T)
When I have the time again, I will watch some more

Now then, my free time continues

After this,
I’ll meet up with Nacky and Airi

I’ll insist they see the movie( ̄▽ ̄)

Well then, later

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