Blog update: “Motsu motsu(= ´∀`)人( ´∀`=)”

Maimi spends her day at a shoot and goes out with her mom in her January 9th update “Motsu motsu(= ´∀`)人( ´∀`=)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

The weather is nice today
The sky is so clear it makes me wonder if it’s really going to rain in Tokyo today( ゜д゜)

The comments on yesterday’s update
I was absorbed in reading everyone’s strange dreams(^_^)

It was fun
Thank you


And then, yesterday was a shooting day

I changed outfits countless times
I also had a variety of hairstyles

It was fun

I got to try a variety of things,

like hairstyles I can’t usually do myself,
and clothes that I wouldn’t normally choose

I’m grateful to the stylists

During a break in the shoot,

Nacky, Mai, and I talked about the songs we’d perform at our birthday event in a month

We talked about it occasionally before, though…

We decided the number of songs

We also designed the goods ourselves
So I can’t wait to see how they turned out


And then, my mom came to pick me up after the shoot, and we went to a restaurant I recommended

It was a motsu-nabe restaurant that ℃-ute went to before (lol)

I feel like I’m always eating motsu-nabe(^^;;lol

But the items on the menu besides motsu-nabe are extremely delicious too…

The 2 of us ate until we were full

I became happy watching my mom eat as she said “Delicious Delicious

Eating delicious things makes people happy…

And then,
today at Fukuya Shoten Shinjuku Subnade
at 7:00PM,

we will hold a release commemoration handshake event for the ℃-ute 2013 Natsu/Aki BOOK “Queen of J-POP ~Tadori Tsuita Onna Senshi~”(^O^)

Myself, Nacky, and Mai are the participating members

This is the first handshake of the year and my first chance to be able to talk to everyone(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Those who have time, please be sure to come and meet us

We’re wai~ting

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