Blog update: “Dreams(。-_- 。)”

Maimi is visited in her dreams by other members of Hello! Project in her January 8th update “Dreams(。-_- 。)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

I had a dance lesson yesterday(*^^*)♪

I’ll fall behind if I don’t really concentrate, so I was frantic… (^^;;

So that I’m able to dance with composure, I’ve got to perfectly commit it to muscle memory

And then, I had a dream yesterday and today

Hello! Project members appeared both days(^^)

Maybe because of the Hello! Project concerts?lol

By the way,
yesterday Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan and Tokunaga Chinami-chan appeared,

and today Mai and Juice=Juice’s Miyazaki Yuka-chan appearedlol

Dreams are fun
Even though I come up with the story myself, a lot of times I wonder

“Why’d I dream of that?(^^;;”

But I remembered dreams more often when I was little

I had a lot of strange dreams,

and the same dream countless times

During the dream I’d think “Ah This is a dream Last time it ended like this, so I’ll try making a different choice“,

but in the end, maybe because of fate…

The result was the same f^_^;

I don’t have that dream any more, but I remember having it 3, 4 times(^^;;

When I talked about that with my friend a long time ago,

it seems she had similar situation,

and she told me that she had the same dream without fail every time she had a feverΣ(・□・;)

Ah! In addition, when I was in elementary school, something miraculous happened,

and my best friend appeared in my dream

When I was talking to that friend at school, I said

“I had a dream like this today~“,

she responded

“Eh I had the same dream(;゜0゜)”

When I listened to her talk about her dream,
it was the same as mine but from her own viewpointΣ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

At the time I thought “This kind of thing happens((((;゜Д゜)))))))”, and was really surprised(^^;;

Everyone, have you ever had a strange dream

There are realistic dreams, thrilling dreams, and dreams that feel like they have a meaning…

It’s really interesting

I remembered the dreams I had almost every night when I was a child, so I loved to go to bed looking forward to my dream! lolσ(^_^;)

My brothers would listen to me talk about my dreams on the way to school on a daily basislol

Nowadays I rarely remember my dreams, so I feel lucky if I do

Alright, today I talked about dreams,

but I also have a shoot for work

I got plenty of sleep, so my face feels refreshed

I’ll cheerfully enjoy today

Until tomorrow’s update~

Today at 9:00PM,

“Hello! Station #49” will be uploaded…

This time,
it has clips of “Hello! Project 2014 WINTER DE-HA MIX” from Nakano Sunplaza

℃-ute performs out new song “Aitte Motto Zanshin”, so please be sure to check it out

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