Blog update: “welcome(^-^)”

Maimi enjoys the the Hello! Project concerts and a rare treat in her January 5th update “welcome(^-^)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

We had Hello! Project concerts again yesterday

Everyone who came, everyone who cheered for us, thank you very much(^-^)

There are still people who are going to participate in the concert after this, so I can’t write much about the details,

but for now, here’s pictures from the dressing room


Morning Musume ’14’s
Oda Sakura-chan

and Juice=Juice’s
Miyamoto Karin-chan came to our dressing room to be taught a particular song(^^)

From right: Chisato, Karin-chan, Oda-chan, Airi

The 2 of them giving it their all… It was really cute,

and Oda-chan and Karin-chan were considerably nervous,

so even I felt nervous while the 2 of them were performing(^◇^;)

I tensed up while thinking “Do your best“…(^^;;

But their nervousness from the dressing room didn’t show during the performance, and they were magnificent(^^)

It was wonderful(^-^)

And then, we had this as a treat in the dressing room…

Cold Stone Creamery ice cream


I love it

I never imagined we’d get something like this…

A crowd formed around them(^-^)lol

Alright, today we have 3 performances
I’ll concentrate and enjoy each and every one


January 9th (Thurs) at 7:00PM,
at Fukuya Shoten Shinjuku Subnade store,
Nacky, Mai, and myself will have a release commemoration handshake event for the ℃-ute 2013 Natsu/Aki BOOK “Queen of J-POP ~Tadori Tsuita Onna Senshi~”( ^ω^ )


Details can be found here

If you have the time, please be sure to come and meet uso(^_^)o

Alright, today’s the last day of New Year’s break for a lot of people, isn’t it

Everyone, please enjoy the last day to its fullest

Well then, until tomorrow’s update~

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