Blog update: “Hello! Concert START(^_-) -☆”

Maimi kicks off the New Year’s Hello! Project concerts in her January 3rd update “Hello! Concert START(^_-) -☆“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

The Hello! Project concerts finally started yesterday at Nakano Sunplaza(o^^o)


I’ve been able to see a lot of smiles after New Year’s, so I was happy

Everyone who came, everyone who supported us, thank you

There’s 6 levels to the set this time, so it’s roughly about the same height as the 2nd floor of the audience, and it feels really fresh

Since yesterday was the opening day,
we were interviewed by the media before the performance

Tsunku♂-san, the leaders/captains of each group, and members gathered,

and we talked about Hello! Project and the groups this year,

and I could tell that each group was fired up,

so again I thought “℃-ute will have a fruitful year too(♯`・∀・ ´)

By the way,
yesterday was the ~GOiSU MODE~ version of the concert,

and today we will perform 2 versions;
and ~DE-HE MIX~(o^^o)

My heart’s pounding(o^^o)

The dress rehearsal finished not long ago

There were a few changes, so I’ve gotta do my best

Right now all of ℃-ute is eating

We have to store energy to get ready for the performance(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Let’s have a wonderful time together today

I’ll go cheerfully today too(^o^)/


Right now,

the YouTube program “Hello! Station #48” is available…

There are New Year’s comments from each group, a clip from the Dance Club lessons, and an interview, so please be sure to watch

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