Blog update: “Thank you for everything this year( uvu)”

Maimi thanks everyone for an eventful year in her December 31st update “Thank you for everything this year( uvu)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

This is my final update of 2013

2013 is going to end…

Everyone, what kind of year was it for you?

For me, this year really went by so fast that it feels like the fastest year of my life

We were always busy with a lot of things,

so every month was really satisfying

It was a year filled with happiness(T ^ T)

For a year like this, the first thing I think of is…

As expected, gratitude to a lot of people…

Each and every year I think the same thing,
but the reason we were able to move while looking forward this year is because had people who supported us

This year especially, as ℃-ute realized the dream of performing at Budoukan which we had always held on to

This time last year,
I thought “I hope ℃-ute can stand on stage at Budoukan some day… But I wonder how far off it is?”,
but I never thought that it would happen in 2013…

My heart’s desire of performing overseas was finally realized…

And we were able to go to places we usually don’t get the chance to on the NaruChika tour,

so I was able to actually feel

“There are people like this cheering for us in places we aren’t able to go“(T ^ T)

Making a dream come true isn’t easy,

but we were able to make those dreams come true because of our friends and family supporting us and giving us places to feel at ease,

and the staff who give us various ideas and advice to put on a great performance…

And then, the members who have continued to run side-by-side at all times

Above all else, it’s thanks to all of the fans who always cheer for us with a lot of love

My heart is filled with gratitude

I wonder what kind of year 2014 will become

This year was a really, really happy year,
so I’m a little sad for it to end,

but I pray that 2014 will be even more wonderful than this year

Of course, I won’t just pray, but I’ll also put forth a lot of effort to make it a reality

℃-ute will advance more and more

I hope that next year we’re able to go everywhere we haven’t been able to go yet~

I want to give everyone who is still waiting to see a ℃-ute concert in person the chance

And then, I can’t say that it’ll happen next year,
but I want to become a group who is able to hold concerts in arenas and domes some day

So that ℃-ute will be able to give happiness to everyone who comes to a big, big venue,

we’ve got to use a lot of strength this year


I want our dreams to come true one by one, and see the wonderful view together with everyone

Please continue to support ℃-ute in 2014 any way that you can


Today starting at 4:30PM,

the “Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2013 ~GOOD BY & HELLO!~”, which continues into New Year’s Day, will be held at Nakano Sunplaza


This concert will be broadcast live overseas and in 38 places across the country!

At 4:00PM,

℃-ute will make a special appearance at Nagoya’s 109 Cinemas

It seems it’ll be broadcast at Nakano Sunplaza(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

And then, during the concert,
we’ll travel to Nakano Sunplaza and perform on stage

While typing this update, I became excited(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

At any rate,
I hope that we’re able to make all those who are sparing the time to come see us on New Year’s Eve and Day when people usually want to relax ring in the new year having as much fun as possible…

And then, I want to stage on stage with my gratitude to everyone, including those who aren’t able to go to the live viewings, for everything this year and the feeling of “Please support Hello! Project in 2014

2013 was the happiest year
Let’s make 2014 an even happier year

Have a good New Year~

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