Blog update: “2014(o^ ^o)”

Maimi kicks off 2014 with the fans and her seniors in her January 1st update “2014(o^ ^o)“. Full translation below.

Happy new year(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))
It’s Maimi

2014 has started☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

It was the best New Year’s Eve ever(T ^ T)

For the first time in Hello! Project,
we had a Countdown Live where each performance lasted for 4 hours, with the 1st going until 9:00PM and the 2nd going until 3:00AM,

and I was happy that everyone in the venue had a lot of energy all the way to the end

Being together the moment the year changes…

Being able to have a concert, which I love…

It was a really happy New Year’s Eve

Countless times I wondered “What’s it like at the live viewings

It’s really amazing that people could watch in realtime despite being far away~

In the past,
all we could do was wonder “What’s everyone doing right now?“…

I’m grateful for modern convenieces

And then, everyone who cheered for us even though they couldn’t attend live viewings either,

everyone, e~veryone, thank you so very much

The concert didn’t have just current Hello! Project members,

but also our seniors who have graduated from Hello! Project,

and a lot of seniors from our company,

so it was a fitting festival for New Year’s

I watched my seniors’ performances from the side without saying a word

It reminded me of old Hello! Project concerts, and I noticed

“Whoa I used to always watch my seniors’ performances from the sides of the stage and think how cool they are, just like now

It felt like I travelled back in time

I remembered things like “Ah… I was the back dancer for this song

On the subject of Melon Kinenbi,
I had gone and seen the concert where they disbanded,

so it was moving being able to see the 4 of them performing again in the same venue

and to be able to see the warm expressions on all of Melon Kinenbi’s faces that looked like were remembering that time(T ^ T)

It was happy

I was really glad that I could stand on stage with my seniors and talk to them backstage for the first time in a while

Once again I felt that my seniors are great, as expected,
and that I’ll always look up to them

When the concert was over and I returned home, my dad was waiting for me outside the entryway

I was happy that everyone was awake waiting for me even though it was almost dawn

By the time I took my bath and went to sleep, it was already bright outside,

and I was surprised by when I woke up!(◎_◎;)

It was as bright as it was before I went to bed,

so I checked my clock thinking “Huh? What time is it now??”,

and it was 4:50PM…((((;゜Д゜)))))))


I was shockedΣ(・□・;)

I spent all of New Year’s Day at home(; ̄O ̄)

When I entered into the living room,
it seemed they were worried about me, as they said “Huh? You’re awake? You didn’t wake up from hunger lol”(;^_^A

I ate dinner with everyone immediately

I ate plenty of the feast that my mom had been cooking since yesterday

Right now I’m relaxing at home

I recharged a lot,

so I’ll burst open with all my might at the annual Hello! Project New Year’s concerts, which start tomorrow♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

I hope I can meet a lot of people in 2014…

I hope a lot of wonderful things will happen in 2014…

I hope that everyone, everyone will be happy in 2014…

Please continue your support this year too


I love everyone as always this year too


Yesterday, Mitsui Aika-chan announced that she’d be studying abroad this year

It was sudden, so I think there’s a lot of people who were surprised,

but I want to support Aika’s dream…

I become sad when I think that we’re not in the same country anymore, but I hope she will have a safe trip

Aika I’m waiting for you to come back safely


See you later

And then,

we met for the first time in awhile


Mano Erina-chan

I’m happy we could stand on stage again after all this time(T ^ T)

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