Blog update: “COUNTDOWN JAPAN13/14 (T_^_T)”

Maimi and the girls rock out in her December 30th update “COUNTDOWN JAPAN13/14(T_^_T)“. Full translation below.

I’ve updated late
Good evening
It’s Maimi

My heart was pounding all day today
It was ℃-ute’s first appearance at “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 13/14”

This rock festival was held at Makuhari Messe,

and I’m really grateful that they let ℃-ute perform amongst all the many rock artists


Honestly, I was really nervous and worried right up to our performance(T ^ T)

“Right now there’s only about 500 people in the audience, but whether there’s 500 or 5,000, put on a performance that satisfies everyone watching

Our manager told us that in lobby

It made me think that it was a chance to test ℃-ute’s true ability.

Whether the many people seeing a ℃-ute performance for the first time think

“Should I leave now?”
or “Whoa I want to see more

is dependant on ℃-ute…

Other artists performed on other stages at Makuhari Messe at the same time as us,

and the guests could freely go to any stage as they pleased,

so we were able to gauge all of the audience’s feelings while on stage.

But, that got me fired up

We never get a chance like this…

I thought “We’ll make everyone stop in their tracks

and “We’ll make people with no interest in idols part of team ℃-ute“(`・ ~ ・ )

As expected, I was nervous on stage(><;)
But while singing and dancing, my nervousness went away in no time and I was really having fun

I was happy that people participating in a ℃-ute performance for the first time were watching intently,

and that the audience gradually became bigger and bigger during the performance until there were people all the way to the back(T ^ T)

I wonder if they enjoyed the ℃-ute concert

I hope team ℃-ute became bigger due to today’s performance

Thank you so much to everyone in team ℃-ute who livened up the performance too

It was really reassuring

And then, I think there are a lot of people who couldn’t come unfortunately,

but ℃-ute worked hard knowing that everyone was cheering for ℃-ute from wherever you were

I’m also really grateful to the COUNTDOWN JAPAN staff who called us in a hurry

They gave us a chance to teach rock fans about ℃-ute,

and gave us a lot of reassuring words before our performance…

Thank you so, so very much

We have to work hard next year in hopes they call on us again

And then, after all, the other members…

We shared our nervousness and delight,
and countless, countless times I thought “I was saved because the other members are here

I could tell that everyone was fired up when we stood on stage and thought “Ah We feel the same way“, and I felt like we became one

After returning to the dressing room, everyone was exhausted,
so we all just sat in our chairs for awhile without changinglol

Everyone watched the video of today’s performance on the way home(^-^)

We looked back at something that just happened,
and there were a lot of things we thought about!

Thanks to a lot of people, today was an awesome day(T ^ T)

Thank you so much

And then, and then, Juice=Juice was struggling with nervousness today too, weren’t they?

They were nominated for the “Nihon Record Taishou”‘s best new artist award.

They didn’t win unfortunately,

but surely there were a lot of people who learned about Juice=Juice for the first time today, weren’t there?

I received positive e-mails from the members,
and it made me want to support them more and more


℃-ute won’t lose to Juice=Juice,

who are making a positive out of today and moving forward(`・∀・)

I want us both to go and do our best

Today is Juice=Juice member Uemura Akari-chan’s birthday(^^)

That said, there’s only 3 minutes until the date changes

Eh? Is it already New Year’s Eve day??

That surprised me just now

Uemura-chan was born at the end of the year

Uemura-chan is really beautiful
She’s so beautiful it makes my heart skip a beat(^^;;

It makes me think “There’s a 15-year-old like this??Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ”

And yet, she doesn’t hold back when smiling, and that smiling face is charming

And then, she’s a really strange girl and friendly…

She’s full of charm Really…

Have a wonderful 15th
Happy birthday

Now then, it’s already become the 31st,

and today,
New Year’s Eve day,

Hello! Project’s first countdown live will be held at Nakano Sunplaza

There are 2 parts,
with the first part running from 4:30PM to 9:00PM

and the second part running from 11:00PM to 3:00AM,

and we’ve never had a concert like this before, so I’m a little excited(^o^)

A lot of our seniors from Hello! Project who graduated will be appearing, so I’m excited to share the stage with them for the first time in awhile

Everyone, please enjoy the final day of 2013 without any regrets

Well then, I’m sorry for writing such a long update(^^;;

Good night

Later tonight at 12:45AM~

Chisato will appear on Fuji TV’s “Odaiba Nama Bounenkai 5-jikan SP ~Moteonna 100 vs Motenai Geinin & Idol”

Chisato, it’s a long time until the morning, but do your best

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